Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Back to Blogger and Things I've Learned


You might notice a change of scenery here on the blog. That's because I've moved back to Blogger and boy does it feel good!

For several years now I've been blogging over on WIX. My son actually set me up there when we had a home business, but that was then and this is now and all I want is a place to share my thoughts in a very non-complicated way.

I had my blog A Million Skies here from 2009 to probably around 2015 and then moved to a website format, but it always left me feeling like something was missing, which was the community I had built here, with friends and followers. 

Well, now I'm back and it's taken me a few days to re-learn the system, but that's ok, because I need to learn new things now and then, right? 😃

This year I've gone from using a MAC laptop for YEARS, back to a Windows PC, so that's been fun. 

I've learned how to publish an e-book on Amazon, so that's been interesting.

I've created my own junk garden, started using watercolors in my journaling and learned that I'm horrible with house plants. 

I'm working my way up to learning other new things this year (and running out of time), such as how to choose a book over Netflix (some of the time), that I really don't hate cooking, just the meal planning, and that kids only need 1 or 2 toys and then they want to play with your household decor instead of the closet full of stuff you bought them while buying groceries at Walmart. 

See? You're never too old to learn things!

Besides all of that, I've also learned that blogging is still such a passion of mine, but this time around, I'm not focused on how many people read it, but about those who come back day after day. Those are the real treasures I've been missing while I was away.

Until Next Time...


  1. I love that verse, Teri! And yes, I love chatting and getting to know like minded women as well. It makes one feel not so alone in this big world.

  2. I love learning new things!! I am struggling with my way around blogger after so many years of not blogging but I will persevere!! Love your posts :)

    1. Joyce, I am so happy to have you along on the "back to blogging" journey! I've missed these days and it feels wonderful to be reconnected!

  3. I loved reading this! And the change in the blog site must be why I could no longer find your blog, even though I'd bookmarked it. Whatever the reason, I'm so glad I found you again! I made the change on my bookmarks bar. 🤎

    1. Oops :) Sorry about that! I'm so glad you found me once again! It's been a process!


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