Thursday, November 3, 2022

A November Walk-Around


For the past few months, we've had workers here working on the house, cutting trees or doing various other jobs. The last crew left a few days ago and I finally feel like I'm free to walk around my yard again and start enjoying this place without trucks parked everywhere.

So yesterday afternoon I took my phone and leisurely walked around the yard, just snapping some pictures of colorful things. 

There is so much work to be done now, such as cleaning up all the pine straw. It is everywhere! And that's after having 9 trees cut this summer!

Everything has a layer of dust on it from months of construction and it all just looks neglected. But, nevertheless, I'm sharing pictures today, because it feels good to get outside and get excited about all the possibilities.

That "Welcome" sign sits at the entrance of the driveway. It's the perfect spot to decorate for every holiday. As you can see, the sunflowers served as a pitiful summer and fall decoration because that's as far as I got this year. I'll hopefully step it up for Christmas 😀

The leaves are so pretty. I know they're nothing compared to other states, but we'll take what we can get around here. The red are my favorites. 

My junk garden in in desperate need of some TLC, so this weekend David and I will spend time outside, cleaning and decluttering everything we've neglected, due to all the construction.

These are the real pictures of the real scene 😀 Nothing here is "Instagram ready" 😂

Look at all the pine straw! The only way to deal with it, is to use the leaf blower and blow it into piles or use the mower to chop it up. Either way, it's a lot!


This table is in the front yard. I have sweet memories of this table when we first got it. The girls love to play outside, but this Millie needed a place to sit and watch (can't keep up with those little balls of energy), so I got a table where we could have snacks and I could drink a cup of coffee while they played.

Since the construction phase, it's been pushed over to the side of the yard and kind of forgotten.  That's about to change this weekend!

This is our "front" door.  You can see our "PawPaw and Millie's" sign my daughter-in-law made for us many years ago. 💛

So... fun fact about this house...the original builders built the house facing the lake, which in theory sounds wonderful, except it's not. That means the front door is on the "back" and the front of the house that faces the driveway, has no door, except this side door.  

What the front of the house does have is all the electrical boxes attached to it, which is another project for the future. We'll have to figure out how to cover those up, for curb appeal. 

So, the back of the house (facing the lake) now looks amazing with this screened-in porch we had built. David just installed the lighting last night and snapped a few shots for the family.

Here's the nighttime view of the junk garden, new patio (where the fire pit will be) and the lake.

I had my first cup of coffee on the porch last night. Just before David came home and started installing the lights. 

Tonight we'll have all the kids over for Family Dinner and they want to have coffee on the porch 😀

I hope it will be the start of many family nights, cozy chats and cool evenings out here among the water and stars.

This place is starting to feel like home 💛

Until Next Time...



  1. Thanks for showing all the photos around your house. Sounds like you have lots of work planned but it sounds like fun work. The welcome spot does look like a great place to decorate for the seasons and holidays.

    1. It does sound like a lot of work, doesn't it? Maybe I'll give my husband a few weekends off :)


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