Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Nanny's Visit

Well, the highly anticipated visit from my mom finally came and went.
We were so happy to have her here and I think she enjoyed her time with her two grandsons and their little families.

My mom lives in South Texas, near Corpus Christi, which is about a 6 hour drive from here. We normally see each other every 6 months, but circumstances were crazy this year and it took about 11 months for us to finally get together again.  

My mom and I have a good time together and usually end up laughing a lot. We both love Mexican food and ice cream and used to love to go shopping together.  We can't shop till we drop anymore, because that goes by really fast these days! 😂 We drop a lot sooner than we used to.

Here's my mom's first grandson, my son Ted, and his beautiful family. He has all those girls and their brand new baby boy, Calem.  Of course, Alex is my beautiful daughter-in-love, and looks amazing, even having a new born. 

 Here's Nanny and Calem, her great-grandson. Isn't he precious?

Here's Nanny playing checkers with Emmy and Ella. She was freezing the entire time she was here. 

David had just put together that new couch for the new back porch and the girls were loving it.

Here's my mom with my baby, Collin, and his beautiful wife Morgan. Of course, there's Asa, who has captured everyone's heart with his smile and laughter.  We seriously can't get enough of him!

The 5 days went by fast! She got here on Thursday and left on Monday. We ate some good food, cooked some good food, went to church so she could see her grandsons leading worship, watched some good tv (I introduced her to Heartland), talked a lot and laughed a lot. It was a great time and visit.

We probably won't see her again until the new year. At that time, David and I will travel down her way and visit her and the rest of my family in the area. 

It's tough living away from family, but thankfully we are all still healthy and able to drive the distance.

Until then, we will talk a few times a week on the phone, like we always do. I'll send her pictures of the kids and she'll tell me all about her dog 😀🐶 who is her "baby." 

Now it's a week of playing catch up on emails, blogging, bills, cleaning, etc. It's great to take a break from the routine of normal, but then we have to hustle to get back to work. 

It's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving, so that will be on the agenda this week too. The older I get, the more I have to get through one event, before I can think about the next one. Are you like that too?

Well, have a great week, my friends!

Until Next Time...



  1. Thank you, Teri! The Lord has been so good to us. We certainly feel his blessings :)

  2. You have a beautiful family!! What a blessing.
    I love your red and white checked topper over the window.

    1. Thank you :) I am very blessed with this family of mine :) And the curtains are Pioneer Woman (Walmart).

  3. That first photo of you and your mom is great - that's a keeper! You look so cute:) (I dream of hair like yours....just sayin.) Sounds like a great visit - so much fun family time! Please tell me that everyone says your two daughter in laws look like twins? At the very least, sisters? I had to keep looking at the photos to see who was who!!

    1. Thank you for the hair complement! My hair has a mind of it's own :) It's super curly and every day it wants to do something different. And yes...my daughter in laws always get asked if they are sisters, but they are not.

  4. What a wonderful time with your mom! I bet she was freezing, being in a different climate. If I haven't already said this, your sons, their wives and your grands are all SO PRECIOUS. What a beautiful family you have! I know your heart must be full to overflowing. I love that your sons lead worship- I didn't realize that! I love to see my own sons do things like that- serving or leading something. My sons all sing really well, but I can't ever talk them into joining me in the choir. My oldest son Graham used to perform all the time, though...every once in a while I'll hear him as he gets dressed and my heart melts. It was good hearing from you today! I've been checking every morning. I hope your day is great and that you're able to be productive and get all caught up on things. XOXO

    1. Jennifer, I check your blog every day :) It's at the top of my list :) My boys have been leading for many years and it truly is such a blessing to watch your kids thrive in whatever their calling is. And thank you for your sweet compliments about the family :)


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