Monday, November 7, 2022

Weekend Fun


Happy Monday-after-time-change, friends! I've been up since 4:00 a.m. this morning, because my body didn't get the memo 😂 I'm a morning person, so it doesn't hurt too bad, but I'll be asleep on the couch about 8:30 tonight. 

David and I had a great weekend, though very busy. We were working to clean up all of our renovation mess before my mom gets here this week. We also had a few things we needed to shop for, so our Saturday and Sunday were taken up with going back and forth from home to store and back again.

It's such a funny thing when you are looking for something specific. It seems like I'm always a season behind. For instance, we just built our back porch, so we wanted some patio furniture to go on one side of it. But of course, I'm a season late! All the patio furniture has disappeared into the back rooms of warehouses somewhere and been replaced with a forest of Christmas trees, never to appear again, until next spring! Which, in S.E. Texas, is a curious thing because it was literally in the 80's yesterday!

We were also looking for a new coffee cart for the kitchen, but no luck there either. In the end, we came home and ordered everything online. I should have just done that in the first place and saved us a lot of sweating.

However...we did find lots of things at the local antique shop that we didn't need, yet bought anyway.

Such as this kitchen gadget that holds foil, wax paper and paper towels, all in one handy container.😀

Does anyone remember this from days gone by? My family never had one of these, but it did make me think about the little metal boxes that held matches. My dad had one hanging in the kitchen for years. 

David also made us bring home an old, metal pencil sharpener (like the ones in school), a model of a ship for his office, an apron for my collection and 2 signs to hang. I have to laugh at taking him shopping with me because he wanted everything! 

When we got home with all of this, I firmly declared that I was becoming a minimalist after this, because our house is too small to go on random shopping sprees! But truthfully, we had fun, which made it all worth it.

By Sunday night we were tired and ready to sit and not sweat.

I made some homemade burgers and we chose a Christmas movie on HULU called Christmas on the Farm (not a Hallmark movie, though we didn't realize it until we were halfway in). It was pretty good and it was a nice break from our usual British murder mysteries. Although we watched one afterwards, which is just what we do 😀 It takes us a good 3 days to finish one episode because I fall asleep once I get still. 

Anyway...enough about that!

I am looking forward to a great week! I hope you are too and that your home and family are blessed in many ways 💚

Until Next Time...



  1. We seem to be buying more and more things on line. You just can't find the things you want in stores anymore.
    You mentioned the metal match holders, I have one in my kitchen hanging on the wall. :)

    1. Those items also made me think of a collection of spoons my aunt had hanging in the dining room. :) It's fun to see what comes back around or the "antiques" from my childhood :)

  2. I love that kitchen gadget/foil holder thingy:) I don't know that it would go in my kitchen but I would love to have that. I don't even remember those from days gone by. I know my mom did not have one. Interesting. And so practical! So, which murder mysteries have you been watching lately. We LOVE them ... but I think we've watched them all. Is there anything new...or maybe I've missed something? Hope you are having a great week!

    1. Hi Jennifer! We watch British shows only, they tend to be cleaner and less gory. Right now we are finishing Karen Pirie, also watching The Last Detective. Our favorites are Shetland, Midsomer Murders, Death in Paradise, Father Brown, My Life is Murder, Brokenwood, Darby and Joan, The Madame Blanc Mysteries, Shakespear and Hathaway, London Kills, Manhunt, Vera, McDonald and Dodds, A Touch of Frost, Endeavor, Wallander, Inspector Lewis. And more that I can't remember.

      It takes us days to finish one episode because I usually fall asleep :)

    2. Thanks for some great suggestions! We only watch British shows as well:) So interesting - Hope you are having a good weekend!


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