Monday, December 26, 2022

A Christmas Recap

Well, Merry Christmas and let's move on. Is that ok to say? 😀 Yes, I'm one of those! By Christmas night, I've done it all, given my all, and collapsed on the couch to the tune of "All I Want for Christmas is a good night's sleep and a foot massage!" 

But, let's go back...

Christmas weekend was amazing! 

We had church on Friday night, with a beautiful worship service. It was icy cold that night! But we all made it home safe and sound.

Saturday David and I spent the day with his mom. We took her to lunch, the grocery store, and then went back to the assisted living, where she lives, and decorated her apartment for her. David hung her tv, put together a dining room set and I rearranged her furniture and hung some decorative pictures on the walls. 

It was a nice day and her room/apartment looks very homey now.

Christmas Day was great! This is our annual Christmas selfie, which keeps getting harder to take because there are more of us. Actually we take one of these on all the big occasions. I love the ones that don't turn out perfect. They always make me laugh. This was the best one out of all that David took. The rest of them had the ceiling fan string hanging right in front of Collin's face 😀 This is also at the end of the night, right before everyone was about to load the cars and head home. 

Earlier in the morning, Collin, Morgan and Asa came for breakfast and we took this picture of him on the horse. He loved it! When we gave it to Emmy 7 years ago, she cried and wanted nothing to do with it. Since then, all the girls have loved it and I suspect the boys will get some good years out of it too. 

This was the first Christmas for both Calem (2 months old) and Asa Miller (7 months old). This time next year, they will be unwrapping their own gifts and we will have even more little feet running around. (As in, their little feet! Not new ones!)

Here are our sweet girls. I had to borrow this picture from their mommy. We got a lot of videos of them Christmas night, but after they opened gifts, they never stopped running and playing until we took the family selfie at the end of the night. 

And, after everyone left last night, we took our own picture before cleaning up and collapsing on the couch. (and the clock in the background doesn't work and always says 5:00 because we are friends with the man who wrote the song "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" so we set it to 5:00 and left it there.)

It was a really sweet day with our kids coming and going and coming back that night. We had lots of food, lots of presents and lots of kids to enjoy the festivities of it all. 

Today it's back to laundry, car maintenance, taking down the Christmas decor and getting ready for a week of vacation, just the two of us!

Tune in to see where we go! And whether or not I can keep David from answering any work calls while we're gone. 

Until Next Time...



  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas with your family.
    Lovely photos of you all. :)

    1. It was, Karen! I hope yours was wonderful, as well :)

  2. What a wonderful Christmas with a beautiful family! It comes and goes so quickly, but we have the memories to hold in our hearts. Have a cozy week!

    1. It was a wonderful Christmas! We made some great and fun memories :)

  3. What a wonderful weekend! And I am the same as you, my friend- once the day is over, I am ready to pack it all up, put it away and move on with life. My decorations are already packed up and have been placed back in our attic! I broke my own record and took most of it down on Christmas night. Todd and I finished the rest yesterday. I am also similar in that I prefer imperfect and candid photos over the ones professionally taken. I love those, but we just weren't ever that kind of family. Life was chaotic when the boys were little and I decided to let that idea go completely just so that my sanity would stay intact. 🤣

    And now I'm singing, Let it Go from Frozen...

    I love that family selfie! My friend and the boys' former youth pastor used to call those us-ies. I love those too and took some of my own on Christmas day. I can't wait to hear about where you and David are going! Will you be blogging while you're away? Just curious. Have FUN and safe travels!

  4. Christmas was wonderful, but like you I'm ready to move on! You have a beautiful family, I enjoyed all the pictures. Happy New Year!

  5. "All I want for Christmas is a good night's sleep and a foot massage..." Amen girlfriend. I am right there with you - but I must say, I am still waiting on that foot massage. I did sleep like a rock on Sunday night. Great photos...and such cutie patooties! Hope you are enjoying a calmer few days this week:)

  6. Hi Debbie, so nice to visit your blog and thank you for following mine. I did not see a place on yours to follow. I am going to put you on my favorites list so that I'll know when you post again. Do have a wonderful week with your husband; treasure every moment you have together. God bless you.
    Connie from Crafty Home Cottage


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