Friday, December 23, 2022

A Hearty Breakfast and A Millie Day


Yesterday was Millie Day, which is what we call a day when my 3 granddaughters come to visit. Once they hit the doorway, it's go-go-go from then on, so I knew I needed a good breakfast before they got here, because you basically have to stay one step ahead at all times 😅

Right now I am loving these grilled cheese sandwiches that I make with a twist. 

First off, I'm using Italian bread and this might just become our all-time sandwich bread because you can see how inexpensive it is and David and I both love it! In fact, I use it for garlic bread in the evenings with dinner too. 

Next I have Raspberry jelly or spread (always seedless) and some thick slices of cheddar. You could use any flavor of cheese you like, but cheddar has always been my favorite.

I still spread butter on both sides, but on the inside of each slice, I spread a thin layer of jelly - just enough to cover, but not too much. You're just going for a slightly sweet taste.

Start out slowly heating it, so that the cheese has enough time to warm up. Then I turn the heat up gradually, toasting both sides to a pretty crispy finish. I like mine crispy 😀

This is a quick and easy breakfast or lunch and it holds you for hours, so you can wrangle 3 little girls, if you had to 😀

Speaking of...

One of the activities they wanted to do yesterday was drinking hot cocoa on the back porch. So of course Millie had to snap some pictures of them while they sipped their drinks and "read" their magazines, which they also requested. 

This is our oldest, Emmy, who is 7.

Ella, who is about to turn 6 in January. Don't let all the seriousness fool you. She was giggling just before and after this picture.

And this is Addie, who will be 4 in February. She was the baby, until all the boys came along. 

And that's that 😀 After the cocoa and goldfish were gone, we headed back inside for a movie, playdoh, puzzles, barbies, blocks, lunch and a surprise visit from PawPaw (which they love). He always tries to sneak by for some hugs, if he's in the area. 

It's always a fulfilled day when they are here and when they're gone, I miss them until the next time.

But, we will see them at church tonight and again on Christmas night for our family time.

This morning it's 17 degrees (was 18 when I woke up! It's going the wrong direction!!) and I'm not motivated to go anywhere! It's too cold!

I hope you're warm, wherever you are!

Until Next Time...



  1. Good morning, my friend! First off, I will be making myself that same sandwich either for lunch today or dinner tonight. It looks amazing! I love a grilled cheese sandwich. Fun fact: we have a grilled cheese truck in Memphis that is named Say Cheese! Isn't that clever and creative? I love that kind of thing.

    Your day together for Millie day sounded like it was perfect! Emmy, Ella and Addie are precious! I can just imagine how much they love these days. You're making memories that will last their lifetime! I want to be that kind of grandmother, easy going and who loves good quality time with them. I know they loved their PawPaw's surprise visit!

    I am so thankful for your friendship, Debbie. Thank you for always being such an encouragement to all of us! I hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas, my friend.

    1. Jennifer, thank YOU for always leaving such encouraging words! And yes, I hope my girls will have sweet memories of times spent together at Millie and Pawpaw's house.

  2. Hello! What lovely little grandbabies you have! And how much fun they have with you! I love that exact bread too for grilled cheese! I buy a loaf every week. I eat it toasted for breakfast with a bit of butter and raspberry jam. We are quite similar!

    I finished you book! It was wonderful! I am keeping it on my bedside table, as I know I will reach for it often. I added a review on Amazon too. I hope you have a Merry and Blessed Christmas. Enjoy!

    1. Billie Jo, that is exactly the way I pictured my book being read...on a coffee table or bedside table, being read one story at a time and hopefully read again and again. Thank you for that amazing review! I appreciate your words more than you know! Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh that sandwich looks delicious. I've never had jam on grilled cheese before. I LOVE raspberry jam.
    It is -9 here right now and VERY WINDY!
    Your granddaughters are adorable. Our oldest grandson is 31!!!

    1. Hi Karen! I'm pretty sure this was a sandwich idea from Hello Fresh. I tried it once and I was hooked! I can't imagine what -9 feels like! And thank you for the sweet compliment on the girls :) They are adorable and I hope they still want to come over when they are 31 :)


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