Thursday, December 22, 2022

A Post of Random Pictures


It's Thursday and this is the current backyard view at 7:32 a.m. It's foggy, 47 degrees and everything just feels damp. 

Today I decided to look through my phone and choose some random photos and talk about why in the world I have pictures of these things 😀 (And honestly, I can't bring myself to write one more Christmas post!)

Last night, when David got home from work, he got right to the task of covering our front yard plants with plastic, for the upcoming freeze. We just had the landscaping done over the summer and we can't afford to lose all of our plants. And they are looking so lush and pretty! Uggg! I hope it goes well.

Anyway, my husband is a "work alone" kind of guy, but he did need my help for about 10 minutes. When I came inside, I was cold, so I decided that a good cup of hot tea would warm me up. I snapped this picture while my tea was steeping. The honey is from a local family that we are friends with, so I thought about putting it on Instagram and tagging them, but for some reason, decided against it. 

Do you ever just think..."why would anyone care about this?" and stop yourself from posting? 

Well, I enjoyed my tea, nonetheless. A cinnamon flavor with chamomile. It warmed me up and it was caffeine free, which was a bonus.

This is a random picture I took one day this week, while sitting in the living room. You'll see a lot of pictures of this table over time, because it's a small house and this is definitely a focal point and the center of the main living area.

On a sunny day, this is where the light comes in and reflects off the table. When we made this table...oh, did I mention that David and I made this table? Well, let me go on 😀 When we made the table and I was choosing the paint color, I wanted gray, with a hint of whitewash over it. It was a picture I saw in a magazine and I wanted to copy that color scheme for my own.

We were living in our old farmhouse, which was on family land, right across from David's parents, so David built the table in his dad's garage. It is so heavy! But when it was done, we moved it over to our house, put it in the dining room and painted it for days, inside the house. 

We used two colors of chalk paint and it took several layers to get the color just right. Then we had to use a sealant, but had to choose wisely so it wouldn't yellow over the years. We must have chosen well, because the color is still just the way I love it and it still makes me so happy to look at it every day. Especially knowing it was built and painted by David and I. 

Ahhh...slice and bake cookies! I love having a tube of this dough in the fridge, because you can bake as many or as few as you feel you must have on any given day. 

These bring back memories of being a young girl, and my mom always making slice and bake cookies. Of course we would eat a few pieces of raw dough, with chocolate chips. It was the best! I still do that, but not as much. I try to save the calories for the actual cookies, these days. 

This week I popped a few of these in the oven to have with my afternoon cup of coffee. Of course, I had to take a picture because...well, it's what we do these days! 

And's the most random picture yet, but the funniest and felt like an accurate depiction of how I feel about Christmas and shopping, right about now. Worn out! 

But earlier this week, I made a little Instagram reel showing my Christmas decorations. I snapped this picture for the reel, but I noticed it didn't make it into the final video. That's probably and most definitely because I have no idea how to really make a reel, but it was a good effort. 

Anyway, this is a pile of Banjo's toys (our dog) and when I looked down, this guy was laying there looking like he was shopped out too. So, I took his picture and agreed with him that it's time to be done.

I hope you enjoyed this very random walk through my camera this week! I'm sure this should be a regular type of post around here, because I have a habit of taking pictures and then never doing anything with them. Maybe I'll start something new 😀

For now, it's Merry Christmas, once again and see you in the next post!

Until Next Time...


  1. I did enjoy walking thru your camera with you!! I think I'll come sit at your beautiful table and enjoy some of those delicious cookies!! Merry Christmas.

  2. I love the yellow and white gingham curtains in your kitchen.
    It is supposed to go down to 2 degrees in the morning!!

    1. Thank you, Karen :) They are Pioneer Woman from Walmart. And I wouldn't know what to do with 2 degrees!

  3. Hello, my friend! You know, I actually really enjoy these types of posts. I feel like a get to know my blog friends better. Stay warm and cozy!

    1. Hi Billie Jo! By the way, I just read the story of how you got your name :) I love it! I'm enjoying your book and thank you for enjoying my post today.

  4. I love random pictures and blog posts... I often do the same kind of post, especially when I can't think of other content. I have also been drinking tea lately, especially while I was sick last week. I love it and even sometimes prefer it over my morning coffee. I was drinking elderberry last week, but I love all kinds that I've tried. I love the table you and David built! And I love that space. It looks cozy and feels very welcoming/inviting. That's my favorite way to decorate!

    I am about worn out from Christmas and am so glad it's the 23rd. I am looking forward to next week when it's a slow and easy week. Have a great weekend, my friend!


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