Thursday, December 8, 2022

A Short Story for Christmas

Today I want to share a story from my book, Notes From a Writer's Heart. 

It's a Christmas story that I wrote about my stepmother, Ruby, after she passed away. 

Never Begrudge the Giving of a Flashlight


She always gave us a new flashlight.

We grew to expect it,

chuckle at it,

wonder what kind it would be

as each year approached.


Then one day she was gone

and we realized that Christmas

that not only were we missing her,

but we missed the giving

of the flashlight.


Because it didnt just help us

in a time of need,

as flashlights do.

It reminded us of someone

that loved us and was looking out

for us.


It was her way of being a mom,

a protector,

a practical gift giver.


Gosh, what I wouldnt do

to have one more flashlight

from that lady.


Never begrudge the giving of a flashlight.

You never know when you might need one.


This was a short, simple story, but

it holds so much meaning.

Maybe you have someone in your life 

that doesn't give the most expensive gifts,

but maybe they give the most thoughtful

or heartfelt things.

Whatever it is, don't begrudge the little things

that seem insignificant at the time,

because one day

you just might wish you could have one

more gift from that person.

It's worth thinking about.


Until Next Time...


P.S. If you want to read more short stories

like the one I shared,

feel free to click on the book

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