Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Currently - A December Link-up

 It's Wednesday and the calendar is just moving right along into December! The farther into the month we get, the more in the spirit I get, so maybe that's the key...not starting too early and waiting for the actual month of Christmas to begin!

So today, I'm linking up with Jennifer for her monthly party called CURRENTLY.  The topics are what I'm currently LOVING - GIFTING - WRAPPING - HOPING - ATTENDING. Here goes...


I am currently loving this beautiful tree just off the back porch. It's showing off it's best Fall colors, even though it's December. I love that it's doing it's own thing, because this is something I want to get better at, in my own life...just being myself and not worrying about what anyone else is doing. Silly analogy, I know, but it's what I think about every time I look out the window and see it standing so proudly.

There are also two other things I'm loving around the house lately...

This little cozy corner, where I can sit in the afternoon and have coffee, read from my basket of Christmas books and magazines and be in the presence of the Christmas tree and sparkling lights.  This helps keep me in the Christmas spirit, just by enjoying this scene.

Another area I am so content with, is the back porch seating area. Every time I look out onto the back porch, I get so happy that we had this built and screened in. It's like having a new room added on and it just excites me about the future projects we can do and what our little cottage might actually turn out to look like, down the road.


What I'm gifting this year are a few fun things and some practical things, which is what I do every year. I can't say much, because someone might read my blog and it would ruin the surprise. But one gift I'm so excited about is something I bought for my mom, my aunt, and myself. It's a gift we can all share in together and it lasts all year long, which will be so much fun.

Every now and then I like to get the 3 of us a book we can all read at the same time, and then compare notes or laughs or whatever the subject matter is. This year's gift is not a book, but something similar and I think they will love it.


Obviously I've been wrapping all the gifts, also wrapping up the shopping and just yesterday, David wrapped this sign with lights and I love it!

Our daughter-in-love, Alex, painted this sign for us years ago and it's moved from house to house with us over the past many years. I thought the lights were a nice touch. 


This year I'm hoping David and I can go on a mini-vacation without getting any calls from his job. This might sound ridiculous as something to hope for, but we have never been on a vacation without getting a call from someone at his office, with an issue that "only David can fix." It's beyond suffocating! So, I guess you could say that all I want for Christmas is a few days away with my husband, without work interfering. Ho Ho Ho 🎅🤶


Recently we attended our granddaughter's piano recital, which was so cute. This week I'm taking a friend and we are having lunch and going to listen to David's work band play Christmas music at one of the office buildings downtown. 

We will be attending church the Friday before Christmas Day, because our church is not having service on Sunday (Christmas Day), in order to let everyone stay home with their families that day. 

I think this is a wonderful gift to give staff and leadership! When you have little kids and you want to see them wake up on Christmas morning, but you have to rush off to work instead, it's hard on everyone. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the pastors for putting families first. Both of my boys lead worship and they both have little ones (and each has a boy that is having their first Christmas this year), so I'm very thankful for this gift. 

So we will attend the Friday night service and probably some events in between, here and there. 

Well, that's it for this link-up.

I hope everyone is having a great start to this Christmas month!

Until Next Time...



  1. I loved this post so much! I love the cozy corner in your living room- aren't twinkling lights magical? They make everything so bright and happy. I'm so glad to hear you're getting into the Christmas spirit! I've heard so many people say that very thing. Christmas can be so hard for so many people! I love the season, but I also try to be sensitive to that. Our bonus son, for instance, is one who struggles at this time of year. Today is the eighth anniversary of the day his mom died. My heart has ached for him all week long. I can't even imagine!

    That sign is adorable, but it's even better with lights! I'm so glad you joined us today! ❤

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I didn't know you had a bonus son! I'm so sorry about his mom. The holidays are tough. My DIL lost her mom several years ago and it breaks my heart.

  2. Oh I can so relate to that no calls during vacation wish! My husband's work has always been the same way. Heck, one year he even left me with the kids and my mother in law in Disney while he went to work on a nearby plant for one of their customers for the day. I can see how that corner by the tree gives you so much joy; it is filled with all the holiday feels!

    1. Joanne, thank you for stopping by and it sounds like you can relate to the job situation! It's part of being in management, but it's tough to never have a break.

  3. Beautiful out your windows.
    LOTS of presents around your tree.
    Looks like you're all set for Christmas.

    1. Hi Karen! Yes, lots of goodies for the grandkids. They get so excited seeing their name on a package :)

  4. I love your cozy Christmas corner and your back porch! Both are so inviting and beautiful. Visiting from Currently#19

    1. Hi Kym! Thank you for stopping by! And thanks for the kind words :) I'll have to jump over to your post today!


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