Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Sweet Chaos and Some Unexpected Gifts


Well, we are halfway through the week leading up to Christmas and I'm so glad to say that the gifts are all wrapped, stockings are filled and all the groceries are bought and waiting for the big day. 

We were finally able to have family dinner on Monday. I was feeling much better and felt like it was safe to have everyone here. I didn't hold the two baby boys, just for safety reasons, even though I'm just dealing with allergies now, but it was so hard not to! 

We love our family dinners. They are crowded in this little house, but what David calls "sweet chaos" and I agree. 

The girls immediately get toys out as soon as they get here. We try to all sit and eat together, but inevitably  there are "more drink", baby needs feeding, someone has to go potty, and other bits of chaos going on, so we sit when we can and get up as needed. 

After everyone is done eating, we usually migrate (a few steps 😀) to the couches and talk about the latest show we're all watching at the same time or other things that come up.

On this particular night the girls played Charades and we all had to guess. They were great at acting out and they stumped us a few times. At one point, Emmy and Ella brought two stools over, sat there with Emmy "playing" the guitar (she's 7 years old 😀) and they sang the entire Twelve Days of Christmas to us. 

When everyone left and David and I did our walk-through-clean-up time, I saw this in the guest room. A little phone we gave them, a pad, pencil and some old glasses of mine. They had been playing "work." It was so cute, that I had to snap a shot of their set up.

They also had this suitcase out and were probably going on a "trip" somewhere. I just love their imaginations!

Speaking of this suitcase...well, two things...I made this one day at my friend, Kim's. Isn't it amazing? It was so fun to work on, as we spent the day talking and eating (our two favorite things to do together). The other side is decorated too and I just love it! We often do craft projects together and I would love to do one of these again. 

The second thing, which involves Emmy night she spent the night with us and we let her watch an old episode of "That Girl" with Marlow Thomas. So for days after that, she would take this suitcase and fill it with random items and say that she was "That Girl" going to New York to live. It was so cute. Like I said, I love their imaginations. For weeks afterwards, if a toy was missing and we couldn't find it, I would take a look in the suitcase and there it would be! So fun 😀

Speaking of my friend, Kim...we had brunch yesterday and she gave me some unexpected gifts. As I was thinking about this, I realized that unexpected gifts are the best, because it means someone was thinking about you and you didn't even know it. That just warms my heart 💚 

I can think of other gifts that came out of the blue and those have all been the sweetest moments and the most treasured things I've received. 

Well, I've talked way too much today!

I'm off to do some regular life today, such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, bills, etc. We still have to maintain real life, even in the Christmas season, don't we?

We are preparing for some very cold temps here in S.E. Texas. Thankfully, no rain, so maybe we'll be ok. Tonight we'll be covering our plants and hoping for the best. 

Have a wonderful day, my friends! 

Until Next Time...


  1. OMG... That Girl! Talk about vintage. I love the imagination though!
    & i'm jealous. I literally have wrapped NOTHING yet... & my time is ticking away. I'm headed for a late night wrapping session in my future!

    1. We love all the older shows! That Girl is one of our favorites :)

  2. Your family dinners sound like fun times for all. :)

    1. They are a lot of fun and it's nice seeing the kids on a regular basis, even during busy times.

  3. You could NEVER write too much here. I always love everything you share! I love their sweet little active imaginations. You brought some memories to my mind as I read this. My boys also used to play "office" while at their Mimi's house. She always had so many cool office supplies. After we left, she'd find post-it notes for DAYS.🤣 One of my favorite pictures of my oldest son Graham is one she took of him wearing her glasses with a pencil and pad of paper in his hand. Those were the best and most fun days! I love creative play...and know you're thrilled to see that continue on with your grands. What a gift!

    Cold weather where you live is rare, is that right? Are yo near Houston? I'm just curious. We live in Collierville, Tennessee, which is near Memphis. We have a tri-state area of states that border each other, so 30 minutes from me are the states Mississippi and Arkansas. I think it's kind of cool to be able to be in a different state relatively quickly.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I love your encouragement! Yes, we are about 90 minutes East of Houston, so we are coastal and don't really get cold, cold winters. But, every few years it will get really cold. About 2 years ago we had a freeze and snow, which was really cool. Tomorrow night it's supposed to get to maybe the 20's. For S.E. Texas, it might as well be below zero! :) So my husband is wrapping pipes and covering plants, as I sit in my nice, warm office and type this right now.

    2. Also, it's so cool to be able to drive 30 minutes to another state! We live about 30 minutes from the Louisiana border going East. To go West from our house, it takes about forever to get across Texas!

  4. Hello! Your family dinners sound absolutely lovely! I love the little ones playing Office! I am close to being all ready. I still need to wrap a few more things. I love the older shows too. Have a cozy last few days leading up to Christmas, my friend.

    1. Thanks Billie Jo! The family dinners are a lot of fun :) Staying cozy over here :)


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