Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A Confession About Magazines


Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite magazines.

If I have an issue of "too many books,"

I most definitely have an equal

affinity for quality magazines.

These magazines are like books,

in cost and in size.

I never throw them away

and they get treated with the same respect

as a book does in my home, 

which if you know me,

then you know that I never place a cup or objects

on top of books,

though I do dog ear pages,

because it shows love and importance,

in the way that they are being used,

as was their purpose.

They are not like flimsy magazines that

have a handful of stories and are made up 

of fluff and advertisements.

These are thick with stories

of real homes, lives, creativity,

and inspiration.

They make me want to create, write,

decorate, cook and sometimes

curl up with a cup of coffee

and read all afternoon.

One day I will stop buying them

and gasp at the amount of money 

I've spent over the years.

But for now,

I must stay out of the bookstore,

away from the temptation

and maybe, just maybe,

I'll be able to finish the ones I 

already have, before

wanting another one.

If today were a day for confessions,

then this is mine...

I love magazines

and it will take me a lifetime

to read them all.

The End.

Until Next Time...



  1. I love books too, so I can relate. I used to have sooooo many books and would still purchase more. Then I came to my senses realizing that I hadn't touched most of them in years and years and I didn't really want my kids to have to sort through them when the time came, so I began getting rid of them. Then a few years ago I moved to completely different state and had to purge most of my unnecessary belongings. I saved only the books I really loved and knew I would read again.

    I never heard of the Tightwad Gazette. I'll have to check that out.

    1. Hi Anonymous :) Can you leave your name next time? Thanks for visiting.

  2. I can't say anything because I am the same way hahahah Books and magazines. Love them! Although, I haven't bought magazines in a few years, I buy one once in a while but not like I used to. They're so expensive now, it's disappointing.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments, I love getting new readers. I've added your blog to my blogroll so I can visit more. Have a blessed day ♥

    1. Hi Sandra! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the magazines are so expensive now. I have to pick and choose which ones I really want to spend the money on.

  3. Well, hello there! Would you believe I have a magazine right here beside me for an afternoon coffee break?! Thank you so very much for sharing your favorites. I am going to check out The Cozy Issue right now. My son-in-law Nicolas is Danish, and my daughter Madison lived in Denmark for two years. They have shared so much of the Danish concept of Hygge with us, and of course, I love it! Have a cozy afternoon, my friend.

    1. Billie Jo, the Cozy Issue is a part of the Stampington family, which has so many amazing publications. It's a sister issue to the Bella Grace magazine, which you might enjoy, as well.

  4. I would love a Library room but sadly that will never happen so I have to limit my magazine and book buying just so there is shelf room on my bookcase. I too like those special magazines that are produced and have the vintage home 1 and 2 but did stop myself from buying the 3rd edition!

    1. Oh no! I only have two issues, so that means I'll have to get the 3rd at some point :)

  5. I don't even remember the last time I read a magazine but I do love to read. Got rid of most of my books except for the ones I like to reread. I get all my books from the library now and I'd be LOST with the library here in town.

    1. Karen, I think you can also get magazines at the library, which would be the perfect way to read one!

  6. I love magazines but haven't purchased any in a long time. They have become so expensive and have fallen to the bottom of my list of fun things to buy. Glad you are enjoying yours!!

    1. Yes, they are expensive now. I only buy them once in a while. But for Christmas my husband and I were given gift cards to the bookstore and I was able to indulge myself :) David bought car magazines, of course.

  7. At least you'll have plenty of reading material if the economy gets worse...and I'm thinking it will.

    1. So true, Donna :) I don't think I'll run out anytime soon!

  8. Hi Teri :) I do enjoy the Country Sampler! And the Cooking for Two reminds me of the Taste of Home magazines, which I used to get many years ago. That was such a great publication! I would love to have that one again.

  9. I love the idea of these types of magazines! I'm going to see if I can find them on Pinterest and follow them there. I love reading things like that, but I don't like clutter of any kind. so I never purchase magazines. I have subscribed to a few over the years, but I don't at this moment. Thanks for sharing these with us!


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