Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A Cookie Recipe and Lots of Chit Chat


Happy Wednesday, friends! 

I've already had a full week and it's only been three days!

I've been cleaning and purging and basically wearing myself out around here.

So, as you can see (above), I had to stop and make some Peanut Butter Cookies

to help me get through the days. These are so easy and so yummy, but they do have one downfall...

I eat way too many!

So here's a quick recipe for you:

1 cup Peanut Butter

1 Egg

1 cup Sugar

Mix together, scoop out a spoonful, drop on cookie sheet,

sprinkle sugar on each ball of dough, then flatten with a fork.

Bake at 350 for 10-13 minutes.

In every oven I've owned, it takes 13 minutes.

Let me know how yours performs.

In other's been so foggy this past week. But on Tuesday, this is what the view of the lake looked like. You can't see anything! Thankfully, by the time David left for work, it had lifted a bit. 

And the saga with Banjo continues. This is him squeezing himself onto the edge of the forbidden chair. I put pillows there to keep him off. I was busy working in the back of the house for a good while, then came around the corner to see this! He looked so cute, so I couldn't shoo him. I just left him there. By the way, this is what I felt like after two days of purging around here! I'm tired!

I changed my bedspread yesterday. I have this one and a solid, cream colored one. I can switch them out for different seasons. I guess I needed some color in my life, so I put this one back on. 

I also spent the afternoon cleaning out my closet and drawers. I took every single thing - clothes, purses, shoes, suitcases, etc. out of my closet, laid everything on the bed and vacuumed and wiped down the baseboards before putting things back. Then I only put back the clothes that I've actually been wearing this year. I put everything else in a donation pile; even purses I haven't been using, but have been hanging onto. 

I then moved on to my chest of drawers and got rid of t-shirts, old pjs, and anything else that was just taking up space. Then I straightened up the top of the dresser and wiped everything down. 

While cooking dinner, I finished this puzzle that was on the dining room table. I always have mixed emotions when I finish a puzzle 😀 It's so much fun having something to work on, but then it's over and it all goes back into the box. Many times I pass my puzzles on to a friend of mine who loves puzzles, but I'm keeping this one because my daughter-in-love gave it to me and it's one of my favorites. 

Speaking of dinner...yesterday I let the crockpot do the hard work and it cooked me a pot of beef tips in gravy. YUM, so good!  I made egg noodles to put the beef tips and gravy over and sautéed some onions and zucchini as a side. 

This week I've organized my closet, drawers, pantry and hall closet medicine stash. 

I'm patiently waiting for my new couch to get here so I can put the living room back together. 

Today I am working on organizing the kid's toy closet and gathering all the unread books that I need to read this year, which I'll be sharing here at some point. 

I finally finished the book by Kate Singh (it was great) and have been watching her videos on YouTube while working. Here's the funny thing about Kate...she's very ordinary and her channel is literally just her sitting at the kitchen table talking about her life, as it pertains to cleaning, money, cooking and all other things homemaking. If I hadn't read several of her books, I might wonder why in the world this lady is just talking. But, because I know what she's talking about, I love listening to her share her methods and every day life. Her channel is called Coffee With Kate if you're interested. 

My goodness, this is a long post! So with that, I'll say goodbye until next time! Have a wonderful day!

Until Next Time...


  1. You're a puzzle worker too, so am I !! Daughter gave me a new one for Christmas, I need to get started on it. Love that bedspread and the bed too. Mr D and I love peanut butter cookies but we're on a diet. boohiss Will save the recipe for another day. Banjo has the right idea even if he in the wrong chair. :)

    1. Hi Mary! I love puzzles! They give me something to do while watching tv. Otherwise, I would be asleep by 8:30 :)

  2. Fun post - and loved the chat:) Love that bedspread, too. We recently bought a new one. Not nearly as colorful but it still makes us happy. The little things can do that. And Banjo wanted to let you know that the pillows are pretty and a nice touch but they actually kind of get in the way, so you can just take those down, Mom!!:) If he is trying to keep up with you, he deserves a nap! You are busy (and how did you find time for that puzzle!?)

    1. Yes, Banjo tries to keep up by following me around. Then he's out for a few minutes and then it's back to following me around :) We have a routine :) And the puzzle enters the picture at night, while watching tv. It keeps me awake :)

  3. I like foggy mornings.
    Beautiful bedspread - love the colors.
    I'm working on a puzzle now. We usually have one out all the time during the winter.

    1. When my grandkids are old enough to work the puzzle and not destroy it, I would love to have a puzzle table with one going all the time. They are like magnets. Everyone wants to try a piece or two.


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