Sunday, January 29, 2023

A Great Book and A Few Letters in the Mail


It's Sunday morning and I have a little time before we leave for church, so I wanted to take a minute and write about the weekend, while it is still fresh on my mind.

First off, I finished the book "They Call Her Dirty Sally" and it was excellent. I couldn't put it down all weekend and it's absolutely going in my "keep" stack of fiction. Although, the author kind of drops a few sentences in the acknowledgments that might suggest it was based on a real character, so who knows? Either way, the book is a page turner and gets all 5 stars from me.

I spent yesterday helping David hold a tape measure here and there, while he finished some trim work on our bathroom renovation. For my own projects, I was moving an entire toy closet to the spare room and moving David's tools to the toy closet, in preparation for finally getting the spare room back to looking like part of the house, instead of a tool shed. 

I also made some homemade hot pockets with frozen dough, ham and cheese. I used to make these for my kids and they were so convenient. You just spread the dough into circles, place pieces of ham and cheese in the center and fold the dough over to look like a pouch. Pinch the edges and bake until browned. I let them cool and put them in individual wrapping or baggies and freeze them. You can pop them out one at a time and heat in the microwave for 1 minute. They are delicious! Eat them with chips or as a side with soup. Sometimes I eat them for breakfast!

I received the second letter from my Flower Letters subscription. I haven't opened it yet, but plan on doing so today.

While I waited eagerly for the first letter to arrive a few weeks ago, I was so busy the past two weeks, that I wasn't thinking about when I would get the next one. So what a nice surprise to open the mailbox and see the 2nd letter waiting there. I think this is going to be a fun year for getting real mail!

Speaking of mail...

I wanted to share something personal that also happened over the weekend...I got a letter from an old friend.

I was very surprised to get a letter from this friend, as we haven't really had much communication for many years. Of course I can't share the details, but the part that I do want to share is that her letter contained an apology for something that took place over 20 years ago.

The Lord spoke to her recently about this and the part that I want to comment on and share here is this...The Lord never forgets about you. Ever.

As I read the letter, I was transported back in time to a wound that I didn't realize still held a place in my heart. But it did. And her apology, which was led by the Lord, healed a hurt that needed to be over and done. And just as the Lord led her to apologize, he orchestrated the melting away of a hurt, some bitterness and gave me the grace to forgive wholeheartedly.

And it made me want to share with you all, that even two decades past a hurt, God can work on your behalf. You may feel forgotten. You may feel like that wound will always be there. But just know that the Lord has not forgotten, nor forsaken you in your pain. You may not get a letter or an apology, but that may be because someone isn't feeling the Lord's prompting or responding. But it will never be because God doesn't see you. I hope that speaks to someone today.


As for today, we have church and then I planned a little outing with my daughter-in-loves, but it's a rainy day, so we'll see if it all pans out after church.

If not, I'll be ok with coming home and hanging out for a lazy day.

I hope you have a great Sunday!

Until Next Time...



  1. Lovely blog. What is Flower Letters?

    1. Hi Brenda, if you look back a few posts I tell all about Flower Letters. Basically it's a subscription to a series of letters that tell a story over the next 12 months. It's a fun treat for yourself or to give as a gift.

  2. Mille,I just started reading your blog and
    I'm enjoying it very much.
    This is an excellent post.

    1. Savannah, I'm so glad you're here! Thank you for reading the blog. I love that you're enjoying it :)

  3. So thankful that God healed a wound with a friend and that you got a needed apology. God works so many times in our lives healing us and many times it is unnoticed. I love the pig mug in your photo!!!!

    1. Yes, God is always working behind the scenes. And the mug is from the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart.

  4. I'm reading that book too. I saw it on your sidebar and it caught my attention so I ordered it. Beautiful story of your old friend and her apology, it is very heartwarming. God does work on His on time, but that's okay because His time is the best time.

  5. Wow, about the letter from a friend. I always find it amazing that the Lord works in such ways. I never want to get over being amazed by Him!

    He is infinitely good and kind to us, and He has been working in my heart on a few things lately as well. I feel closer to Jesus right now than ever before, and it's because I'm so uncertain of my days for the rest of 2023, regarding my job. I know He is leading me step by step. I heard a song recently by a worship leader I love (Travis Cottrell), and a line in one of the verses is giving God praise for who He is- and it says "lamp unto my feet". That struck such a chord with me, because it's how I feel right now! I'm a planner by nature, so to not know my next steps is a new thing for me and very uncomfortable. But again, the Lord led me to telling Him that I wanted this year to be a year that I said yes to Him and to things that are hard for me. I know He is with me, and that He goes before me every step.

    I said all of that to say that yes! He works in wonderful ways and He never forgets what we go through. Thank you for sharing this, my friend.


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