Tuesday, January 3, 2023

A Millie AND PawPaw Day!


This week started off with some of our favorite people...our little granddaughters.
Since David still had a few days left of vacation, we decided to have a 
Millie and PawPaw day instead of just the Millie Day 
we usually have.

We finally got to take them to the "park" they are always asking about, which is actually the elementary playground. When school is out, they open the playground to the public, so we were able to spend a little bit of time there yesterday. The girls had such a great time, but the weather wasn't looking great, so we moved on from the playground to Dairy Queen for lunch. 

DQ is such a treat for them and when we go, we have to do the whole thing, which is food AND ice cream. Every kid's meal bag comes with a coupon for a treat, so it's a MUST! And as you know...it takes forever for kids to eat ice cream 😅

From there we came home and started our play day at the house, with a few episodes of Get Smart, the spy sitcom from years ago. The girls are really into spy stuff, since we let them watch Spy Kids awhile back. Emmy loved seeing all the gadgets that Maxwell Smart uses in his secret operations.

Afterwards we moved on to coloring on the back porch, playing with their food cart we bought them for Christmas and a table full of art supplies. The little ones sat at the table for at least 30 minutes cutting paper and coloring. 

I find that keeping boxes of glue, colors, scissors, stamps and other craft supplies and just letting them dig in and do their own thing, is perfect for them. 

About 3:30 I started making supper, which were the rolls stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese, drizzled with Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder and butter. You bake them at 350 for about 30 minutes and they are so delicious! I also made some cheese dip, which the girls love, and we had an early dinner, since they ate an early lunch. 

Addie, who is one month shy of turning 4 years old, kept saying she was so sleepy, but wouldn't take a nap to save her life. I really thought she was going to put her head down right into her plate of food, but she held on until we got in the car for the ride home.

All the girls were worn out on the ride home, as were David and I 😅 It's tough keeping up with 3 energetic little girls!

But we got them home safely, just in time for them to be surprised by their parents having new bunk beds set up in their room! How fun! 

When David and I got back home, we walked in the door and this is what I saw on the pantry door, which is a chalkboard. Emmy had written this as I was busy getting all of their things gathered up for the ride home, so I never saw it until I got home.

Of course my heart melted 💛 She has always been the one to write me notes like this and I've kept every one. I think I'll leave this one until they come back next week.

Needless to say, when we got back from taking them home, David and I were exhausted! We watched a few episodes of The Crown and then it was off to bed for me. 

Today will be a day full of chores, kitchen inventory, and hopefully some reading time. I've also got to go outside, weather permitting, and trim back all the plants that died in the freeze. Did I mention it's now 75 and 100% humidity? Texas just doesn't know how to make up it's mind!

But...it's going to be a good day! Hope you have one too 😀

Until Next Time...



  1. Oh my, be still my heart! What a precious note left by your sweet granddaughter. Grands are so special. You gave them a day of precious memories they'll keep forever. My gdaughter used to leave little notes like that, it always touched my heart. I've saved the ones I could. She is now a married lady, the days go by so quick. Enjoyed visiting with you today, hope you're enjoying a great day.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yes, those babies are growing up right before our eyes :) We're trying to hold on to them while we can :)

  2. Looks like a fun day.
    Oh my those rolls sure do look good. I can almost smell them! :)

  3. Yes, a great day and lots of exercise!


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