Monday, January 9, 2023

Around the House


It's Monday morning and these are some scenes around my house...

This cute picture I found on Friday, while shopping for a gift.
I love everything about it...the cottage, chickens, flowers
and the stone walkway.
I hung it in the kitchen, next to the aprons
and it's one of those pieces that makes me smile
every time I pass it. 

Speaking of Friday...
we had dinner at my friend Kim's, and it was such good food
and good company.
She made a meal of Chicken Bundles, fresh veggies, and for dessert
she had a chocolate fondue with an entire board of 
options for dipping.
There were chips, Fritos, pretzels, fruit, brownies and nuts,
and it was delicious. 
And isn't it so wonderful to be invited to someone
else's house?
I never take that for granted.

Well, here's another scene from this morning.
Our dog Banjo has finally decided he's a dog, after all, 
and that this bed on the floor is good for sleeping in
and not just laying there empty, while he sleeps
on all the furniture. 

But you know how we came to this?
Because over the weekend, we gave our 
couch and loveseat to our kids and we are now couchless
until the end of the week. 
So our living room is pitiful looking
(and therefore, no pictures),
while we wait on a new couch
more conducive to this small space we have.

David and I currently have two chairs we are sitting in
and using a stool for an ottoman. 
Times are tough, people!

I snapped this picture to remind me to talk about food...
more specifically stocking up on food.
Do you do it?
Are you a stocker upper or more of a food minimalist?

I think I agree with both arguments,
which would be stock up "just in case,"
verses those who like a more minimal
selection so they can use things up more

I get it and I think I flow back and forth 
on this situation.

I get very ambitious sometimes and buy a bunch of produce,
only to waste some because it's gone bad before we can eat it.
Oh, the guilt when this happens!

I think I'll make that a goal this year...
to shop more efficiently,
always keeping in mind that our nest is much
smaller these days and we don't need
an entire bag of oranges!

Poor David 😀
When I over buy, then I'm constantly reminding him that
"we have fruit!"
And all the man wants is a nice cold glass of milk and some cookies.

And this 2-tier tray is something that's been on my mind,

after I read a blog post (HERE) and saw some adorable decorations

using a 3-tier tray. 

Currently I've got my spoon collection here,

but maybe I'll buy another one to use on the table

and decorate it with fun things.

It's such a great tool to use!

I'm very much in decorating mode right now.

My project list is growing longer by the minute!

But, my budget is saying "slow down!"

and so I need to go in order of what's 

affordable right now and what's bugging me the most.

That's usually how I decide on what to do next 😀

What about you?

Are you in cleaning mode, decorating mode,

exercising mode or nothing's different than last year mode?


Well, I'm off to tackle the to-do's of the day.

Until Next Time...


  1. Good morning! That’s funny that your sweet pup has resorted to sleeping and that quite comfortable plush licking dog bed. Dogs are really funny aren’t they? I am a stocker upper and have been for quite some time. When my husband was an active duty Marine and was gone more than he was home and I had three babies in three years, I stocked up as much as I could from payday to payday.
    Now, I do plan on stocking up a little bit less because I have found several things that I bought too much of and have had to either throw away or pass on to someone else which that’ part is fine too .
    I have a similar tier tray. It’s been in our closet since before daughters family moved in though. I think I’ll get it out and decorate it for Valentine’s Day in the near future. Thanks for the inspiration
    Hope you have a good week ❤️

  2. I'm in a whatever the day brings mood. Sometimes that's good and sometimes not. I used to stock up and keep the pantry full, now because of health issues I don't do much cooking {{sigh}}. So with that said, we keep just enough in the pantry these days. I want a new couch!!!! How wonderful you're getting one, I bet dogbaby will love it too! :) Your tiered shelf looks great, I'm wanting to get a 2 tier for my kitchen. Thanks for the shout out. Have a great day and get those 'to-do's' done!!

  3. Hello, my friend! I am currently in cleaning mode, although it is at a much slower pace! I am also finding fruit making a comeback this month. Perhaps it is the need for something fresh during these winter months. I love your tiered tray! Have a cozy evening!

  4. Banjo sure looks comfortable in his bed!!
    We are stocker uppers.
    I'm just continuing on from last year. :)
    I like the picture too!

  5. I love when a piece brings smiles each time we walk past them. That’s the best. I feel that way when I walk past my new yellow stand mixer. My heart smiles!

    Wow, wow on Kim’s meal. That’s a lovely feast! Love that there were many options for dipping.

    Being couchless for a week. Banjo found his bed. That’s very cool.

    Interesting topic of food a stocker or not a stocker. Yes and no. I used to have way, way more ingredients than I do now. We are an ingredient household. However, once we move to the new place and say we have an extra room. Then we’ll likely have extra things like paper towels, soap and stuff like that on the ready. Just easier in the winter and I do love a good sale.

    With ingredients though, I don’t know that I’ll go back to as many as I once had. There’s something nice about less. Though like you said, I also see both sides. And have been on both sides.

    Really great post. Cheers, Ivy.

    PS: Right now we’re move the heck out of here mode!

  6. I love the new painting you found! I love decorating with things in our home that make me smile. I am also somewhat on the same kind of decorating kick you're talking about here. I've been hanging things in different places and rearranging things on our walls since we took down Christmas. I love to do what I call re-purposing things all over our home. I LOVE your tiered stand! I have one as well and I use mine for lots of things. Right now I'm using it for decor only, but I've used it for coffee and a hot chocolate "bar". I received mine as a gift a few years ago and it's still one of my favorite things in our home. Speaking of favorites...thanks for the idea of this type of post. I may borrow your idea soon and do something similar on my blog...but I'll link to you for giving me the idea. I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

  7. That picture is just the cutest thing! 😍 Glad Banjo figured out the doggy bed!


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