Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Currently - In January

 Good Morning! 

Today I am linking up with Jennifer for her monthly "Currently" post.

The topics today are: What I'm currently 

Loving - Resolving - Organizing - Anticipating - Eating

So let's get to it!


Even though you've seen this book here before, it's

still what I'm loving right now.

Though I don't agree with some of her views, 

this book is inspiring me to care of my home,

think about my spending, the yard care, food and other things

that I need motivation with, at times. 


This week I'm working on organizing my office. 

As I stated in a previous post, I always use the beginning of the new year

to make new folders and notebooks.

Yesterday I found these matching notebooks at Target

and will be using them for my Budget/Bill binder

and the other one for...haven't decided yet. 😀

But I love that they were matching! So I bought both of them.


This week I'm eating this!
We call it Sausage Bread (creative, right?)

This has always been a family favorite
and it's so easy.

I use the sliced, French loaf that I've shared here before.
I butter and toast it a bit in the oven, while I'm browning
the breakfast sausage in a skillet.

After the sausage has been cooked and drained,
I sprinkle cheese on the toast,
layer it with sausage,
then top it with cheese.
(The cheese being on bottom helps hold the meat
on the bread)

Then I bake at 350 for about 15 minutes so the cheese can 

We will eat this for breakfast,

then again if we need a quick bite of something.

Last night I fixed a salad and soup to go along with the bread

and it was the perfect meal.

For the last two categories, 

I have no pictures,

but I am


to take my makeup off every night before I go to bed.

Believe it or not, I have to force myself to do this!

I've gone all my life without taking my makeup off at night,

but now that I'm getting older, 

I really want to start treating my skin better.

I've had really good skin so far, but

age can sneak up and surprise you, can't it?

And lastly, what I'm 


I am anticipating redecorating my living room.

I'm currently looking at cottages on Pinterest

and trying to put together a look that is more the style

I'm looking for in this small house.

The furniture we currently have is what we bought

when we were living in a huge space and needed bigger furniture

to fill it up.

So I am anticipating all the factors that have to line up,

in order to make this change happen:

money, the right timing, choosing comfy stuff, yet the

style I'm trying to create.

This isn't a necessary situation,

but it's one that will change how I feel about

having such a small space.

And that's it for what I'm doing 


Thanks for stopping by today!

Until Next Time...



  1. Oh boy - I so need to join you with your resolution. I have never been one for taking off my makeup at night. I know "everyone" says it is so much better/healthier for you but I'm not 100 percent convinced....but convinced enough to think (often) as I crawl into bed, "hmm, I really should go take my makeup off." And, then I don't. HA That may or may not say a lot about my resolutions!!

    1. Jennifer, I'm the same way! The problem is that I wait until I'm way too tired and then don't feel like doing it. So the past few days I've been doing it much earlier and so far have made it 3 1/2 days :)

  2. I'm so bad about taking off make up too at night. I even use some face wipes - which make my face feel AWFUL - I use them with the hopes I'll just actually clean my face... but nope, I'm lucky if I do the face wipes HAHA

    1. Rebecca, I use those too and hate the way my face feels, which is when I end up washing it. Give it another try!

  3. I don't even wear makeup so don't have to take it off. :) I stopped wearing makeup during Covid when we couldn't go out and just never started wearing it again.

    1. Karen, that's the way to go :) Free and easy!

  4. I just GASPED that you don't remove your makeup! 🤣 I can hear my mom saying in my head, "You can't coverup bad skin, Jennifer Mellyn, don't you dare go to bed with your makeup on!" 😜 That book sounds really inspiring, even if you don't agree with all her views. I love inspirational books and have an author that I love who writes similar type books- Fiona Ferris? She writes the books about how to "chic" at Christmas, or at home, or in the way you dress. I love her and can fly through one of her books! She lives in New Zealand. I can't wait to hear about your home decorating results! It's fun to dream up new things for the areas in our homes. I recently did that and had such a great time giving our bedroom and bathroom a refresh.

    Thanks for linking up today, friend!

    1. I know! My DIL's were shocked too when I told them. My mom never takes hers off either and she's almost 80 years old!

      And yes, I know Fiona! I've collected many of her books over the years and even did her writing course a few years ago. She is very inspirational.

  5. Your sausage bread looks good, I think I'll try it!

  6. When I was younger I used to wash my face with normal soap and my mum was always horrified. Now I'm older I understand why😂. I love your matching notebooks I'm sure both of them will come in very handy.

    1. Ruth, I still find that Ivory soap gets my face the cleanest :)

  7. I've never been a makeup lover and one of the reasons is the fact that you should wash your face well every night if you wear it! Too much work. Also, I would have bought both those notebooks too -- they're so cute and I love office supplies.


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