Monday, January 23, 2023

Dream a Little Dream With Me


Hello Monday and Hello Friends!

Did it seem like a long weekend to you or is it just me? 

Saturday David and I went shopping for a few pieces of artwork to go on the walls, shopped for a new ottoman and went home to a full day of hanging pictures and working around the house. But before we headed home, we stopped off at a Crumble Cookie shop to pick up a few (very big) cookies to take home.

If you've never been to a Crumble Cookie shop, it's a unique little shop where you stand in line to order from the selection of flavors of the day. Each day they have a new batch of flavors to choose from.

Once you've chosen your cookies, you stand in a different line to wait on your warm cookies to come out to you, packaged in a cute pink box.

Everything is painted pink inside, as well as the box you take your cookie home in. So, with a cute concept and a cute color chosen for the decor and packaging, you would think the music inside the shop would match, such as something fun or whimsical.  But on this day, they were playing rap or some harsh sounding pop music and it didn't fit the shop at all. 

As we were waiting for our order to come out, I was noticing that all the workers were young, probably teens or in their 20's and I didn't see the owner anywhere around. That might explain the music choice.

It got me thinking about how music sets the tone, wherever you are, and "if I had a cute little shop, I would do...." and that led into my topic for today:

If you could own a little shop, what kind of shop would it be and what kind of music would you play or what atmosphere would you want to create?

I would own a bookstore, just like the one in the picture above. My talented daughter-in-love drew this for me and it's exactly what my store would look like. 

I would only carry copies of my favorite books, as well as books written by local writers or other lesser known authors. I might have a few classics to offer, but only if they were truly good stories. I would subscribe to all my favorite magazines and offer them there for others to enjoy.

There would be vintage couches to sit and read, coffee with powdered creamer and real sugar, maybe a jar of cookies to add to your coffee time, and cold water readily available.

There would be whimsical music playing, only loud enough to paint the background, but not too loud to keep my friends from being able to read or talk.

I would have fresh flowers here and there and my operating hours would be 9:00-2:00. 

It would be a quirky place and that would be the charm of it. And of course, there would be the resident cat or two lying around, here and there. 

What about you? Even if you've never had a desire to own a shop, just pretend for a moment and indulge me in the comments. 😀 I can't wait to hear all about it!

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  1. I would enjoy a gift shop, with a coffee/tea counter. A few little tables scattered about, and there must be a book area. I would have a couple of comfortable chairs so people could sit and read. I would want the decor to be country/granny/farmhouse, warm and cozy and very inviting. I would want guest to feel welcome and maybe even have a chit chat with me.

    1. AND . . . the music would be easy listening Christian, like Hobby Lobby plays. The name of my shop would be....Vistis With Mary !!

    2. Oh my gosh, Mary! I so wish this were real :) I would come by weekly to visit :)

  2. That would be my dream too! For 10 years I lived above the sweetest bookstore in NYC - Three Lives and Company. If you're so inclined, google it for a photo. Tourists always took photos of it as they said it looked like like the bookshop in You've Got Mail ;) I no longer live in that tiny apartment, but I do still buy my books there!

    1. That would be a fun place to be! I love that movie!

  3. I've never heard of a Crumble Cookie shop.
    I'd like to have a knitting shop with comfortable chairs where people could come and knit, teach others, and enjoy spending time together. Wouldn't make any money but it would be fun. :)

    1. Oh, I love that idea, Karen! I don't think my shop would make money because I would overbuy books, just like now :)

  4. This is a fun post idea! I may borrow this idea soon...if I do, I'll credit you with the original idea. I promise I am not copying you, but for YEARS, I have dreamed of owning my own bookstore on the town square. Many years ago, our square housed a local bookstore, one called Springs of Life. (It was a Christian bookstore.) I would want to own something there very similar, but with all kinds of books, both new books by authors that I know and love, and lots of used books to choose from as well. I would want a little café as well, that offered coffee, sweet treats, and homemade goodies like quiche or bagels and cream cheese. I'd probably want the hours to be from ten to eight, and maybe later on weekends. I'd love for people to come and play live music! On those nights that we stayed open later, I'd probably offer more foods to choose from.

    At the very least, one thing I really would love in our yard at home is a little free library. Have you seen those? Look up those words on Instagram- it's a whole thing! I would love for my hubby to build us one.

  5. Jennifer, your shop sounds like something my kids want :) They want to own a coffee shop with live music and all the fun. It would be great to have a town square and have a shop there. And yes, I love those free library boxes! They are so cute!


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