Thursday, January 19, 2023

Lunch, Books and Creating Margin


Yesterday I had a friend over for lunch, which I will confess, isn't my strong suit. I love the visiting, but hate the food decisions. However, as it turned out, I saw a recipe on Instagram this week that sounded so delicious, so I tried it and I think it was a success. 

I served chicken salad on croissants, a pasta salad, chips and cucumbers with homemade ranch dressing. Not too fancy, but it served us well as we sat and caught up on all the latest in our lives.

I once heard on The Lazy Genius Podcast that you always plan the event and then plug in the food choices, rather than starting with the food and trying to fit the event around what kind of food you want to serve. Either way, the food always trips me up.

But we had a great visit and lots of laughs, so I would call it a success 😀

Later that afternoon, I decided it was time to gather all the books on my bookshelf that haven't been read yet. See, I have this habit of buying books - so many more than I need - because I love books and have a problem letting them pass me by. 

I straightened the ones I've read or keep on hand for going back to, such as books on finance, budgeting, writing, homemaking and Bible studies and devotionals. 

Then I stacked the "to be read" ones on my table, so I could sort them out and put them back on the shelf.

I snapped a picture so you would know that I have a slight book problem 😀

Now I need to put them all back and tell myself that it's not a life-rule that you have to read so many books in a year (thanks Goodreads for pressuring me!).  But it is fun to challenge myself, which motivates me when I get lazy. 

There are just a few that I started, but set aside for different reasons. I really like to complete books when I start them, but sometimes you need to switch to a different genre and then pick up where you left off, when you're in the mood. 

Today, I'm also going to take a look at my ongoing project list and mark things off that aren't necessary for life, because I'm finding that the days where I have margin, are the days that I feel the happiest. That's probably no surprise for most of us.

I write things down when they come to my mind, and the next thing I know, I've got an entire page of things I want to do around the house. Do you do this too or is it just me?

Last week I had several days where I was able to organize and clean and just work at my own pace and it was wonderful! That's the life I'm going for. I know it won't always be like that, but if that's my goal, at least I'll hit it once in a while, and hopefully more often than not. 

This week has been busy every day except for today. Not quite the margin I prefer, but some weeks are like that. 

And on that note...I'll get off here and go fix myself some lunch, organize my books, purge my list and get in some reading at some point. Obviously that needs to be a priority! 😂📚

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  1. I think everyone who likes to read has books like that. I've gone through mine too. I've been whittling my books down and won't buy any more. I get just about all the books I read from the library now. The library for me is like a toy store but they are all free, they will be there if I want to read it again and they store the books for you. :)

    Lunch sounds fun and delicious!

    1. Maybe when I'm done with this stack, I will start to visit the library instead. I love going to the library!

  2. I have a book problem as well. I love to read and I love to do some crafts, but as you say life can get in the way. I have a planner that I write most of my day's plan in.

    1. I love to do crafts too; especially paper and journal crafts.

  3. I think your food choices for lunch were great, I am so happy it was a success. I love to have friends over for lunch, it's always a good time. My goodness, that's a lot of unread books, they should keep you busy for a while. I have a thing for books too and I have way too many, but I love them so on the shelf they sit.

  4. Thank you Mary :) I call the book collection my own little library :) I can't bear to part with them.

  5. I am the same way with books! In the summer and fall of 2022, I sold the bookcase in our bedroom and donated most of my books. I kept two bookshelves- one is in the hall upstairs and is filled with books the boys loved and childhood favorites. The second one is in our living room and has only books (series) written by my favorite authors. I am trying to be better at not buying them now...even though I'm going to pickup one I ordered tomorrow from an Indy bookseller in Memphis. I'm rolling my eyes, but it's written by one of my favorite people, Kristin Chenoweth, whom I get to meet in two weeks.

    I never would have guessed that hospitality isn't your thing. It seems like it would be! I'm sure your time and lunch with a friend this week was wonderful. Sometimes we have to get over things in our own minds, right? I let small things trip me up too, and I'm trying to stop that thought process. I think the enemy messes with me when that happens too much. I'm thankful for grace and for the sanctification process!

  6. Oh, Books! I love them. Always have. Always will! And I would happily join you for lunch! Have a lovely weekend, my friend. P.S. I see quite a few of my favorites in you book pile. : )


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