Friday, February 17, 2023

Frugal Memories ...Do You Have Any?


Hello my friends! It's been a rainy, cold week again, so we've been spending lots of time inside. David and I have been enjoying these first few weeks at home together. I've only had one day where I felt like I needed some space, but I was tired and felt better the next day. 

Can you relate? I'm the kind of person that refuels on time spent alone - reading, cleaning, being creative - and need to have some quiet in my day. 

I am married to someone the complete opposite! David can sit on the couch, with laptop, phone, tv, papers and coffee and be as happy as can be, which drives me crazy! 

It makes me feel like my house is in disarray all day, which I don't like. 

We did fix him a small desk in the spare room, but it is torture for him to actually work in there alone, with no tv or noise 😅

I've always said that God has such a sense of humor when it comes to putting opposites together. 

He's been very busy taking calls from people who want his resume, which is such a blessing. We are taking it all in and will put lots of prayer into choosing his next job. 

I am still devouring blogs and books about homemaking, living on a small salary, and being frugal. 

I am naturally a frugal person, but also love to shop, so finding ways to pair those two aspects together has been fun and challenging. 

But the most challenging thing so far, has been not eating out. I love to pick up lunch a few times a week, but for the past two weeks, have been eating at home, with the exception of Valentine's night and yesterday when we bought Chick-fil-A breakfast for the girls.

Today I am going to a friend's for a few hours and she has offered to buy lunch this time, so I am looking forward to that!

I made a list of my freezer inventory at the beginning of the week and can easily see what's available for meals right now. I think every little bit of prep work (even just having a list of foods) will help me be successful at spending less. 

After taking the girls home yesterday, we stopped by the Dollar General to grab a few snacks that David wanted. While there, I decided to pick up some paper plates and was so frustrated that they actually cost more than the grocery store! This is why I don't shop dollar stores! You have to be so careful on some of the products where they jack up the prices to make up for the ones that are actually cheaper. They will get their money somehow. 

The other day, while we were in town, I was reminded of our first few years of marriage, when I would go with a co-worker to the bakery thrift store. I'm not sure if these still exist (the one in our town is gone), but we would buy bread and breakfast pastries for small amounts of money and it was a fun outing on our lunch break. 

I have another memory that comes to mind, every now and then, of the year our first baby was born and I would pay all the bills, buy all the diapers and formula and have $25 left for the week. I would go to the store in town, with a carefully written list, and buy just enough to last for the week. Those were challenging times, but we made it work. 

Do you have any memories of times where you had to really stretch your dollars?

I would love to hear about them in the comments!

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  1. Yes...Just the other day my sister had her 76th birthday so asking her what she would like to eat, she said burritos. SO. I ordered 4 burritos...some salsa...and a bag of those thin tortilla chips...
    OMGGG!!! $49.00 DOLLARS!!!
    Lolol...When the guy at the window said, "that'll be $48.65", I blurted out, "HOW MUCH??? FOR FOUR BURITTOS AND CHIPS!!!"
    He was stunned at my response...Lolol...but not as stunned as I was at the price!!
    I apologized at my rudeness...he apologized for having to raise his prices... I took the tiny bag of burritos...looked at my sister and we left, muy pronto!
    Prices of everything are doubling and tripling!!
    No more eating out for a long while!

    1. Donna, I can completely relate to this! Prices of take-out are crazy!

  2. Hello Debbie, a pleasure to meet you. I think we all can relate to frugal memories. I still shop the dollar store, they have some great items. My how prices have changed. 2 cheeseburgers, 2 fries and 2 drinks came to $30 the other day. Eggs are ridiculous!
    Happy weekend.

    1. Hi Linda :) Thanks for visiting the blog today!

  3. Hi, I found you from Billie Jo's blog! I can remember having to really stretch things when my boys were younger, searching for freebies online (hardly ever find those anymore!) and attempting drug store deals (somehow I always ended up doing that wrong and spending more).

    1. Oh yes, Jean! My couponing days were hilarious! I would think I was doing everything just right and get to the counter and still owe way more than I expected. I'm still not that great with the fine print :) But thank you for visiting!

  4. Hi, visiting your blog after Billie Jo mentioned you in hers! I completely husband lost his job in January of last year...and yes, also we felt unfairly. Like so many others, he lost his job also in 2008...these are things we never thought would happen to us. Although he now has a contract IT job now, there's no guarantee how long it will last...I lose sleep and worry, so I really do know how you feel. And again...I completely agree...after being home alone all day for so many years, after kids went to school and him to work, I had a set routine...with him working remotely all day, it's really shaken up that routine, You're so on target...I'm also setting up a desk in another room for his laptop & papers...all of that on the dining room table makes me "crazy" - you're not alone! Good to "meet' you...I'll stop back again, Mary

    1. Mary, thank you for this comment! It sounds like you completely understand :) We've been there several times with job loss, but the Lord is so faithful to take care of every need. Thank you for stopping by and leaving this comment today :)

  5. Karen, oh gosh! That's one of those memories that you get a good laugh out of...much later! :)


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