Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The White Bowl


This looks like it might be a post about muffins, but it's really a post about a bowl and how I never knew there could be such thing as a "favorite bowl" for certain dishes, but for many years now, I've been proven wrong.

Back in college, I moved in with my dad, stepmom and my 3 younger sisters for a short while to go to school. My stepmom was a master homemaker and cook and I had learned so much from her over the years. 

But apparently, the one thing I had not mastered was what bowls were used for certain things, until my 5 year old little sister decided to set me straight one day.

I think I was making tuna for lunch and she proceeded to tell me that I was using the wrong bowl; that her mother always used a different bowl for making tuna. I have to say, I had never heard of such a thing! I mean, did it really matter what bowl you used?

But, I complied and used the correct bowl and never made that mistake again. 

Fast forward to becoming the homemaker and cook of my own domain, and guess what? I only use this white bowl for mixing muffin mix or cornbread and nothing else. Yes, I am that person 😀

I think I picked this bowl up from a thrift store many years ago, and it has ALWAYS been designated as the muffin and cornbread mixing bowl. It wouldn't feel right to use any other.

So anytime I'm feeling like I want muffins or cornbread, I search the shelf for my white bowl. It's been faithful to turn out a great pan of either, every time. It's thick and sturdy and even has a handy little spout for pouring the mix into the pan. It cleans up nicely and then goes back on the shelf until the next time.

In fact, the next time my girls come over, I may just go ahead and educate them on what the proper use of that bowl is, so there will be no questions should they ever desire to make muffins or cornbread in the future. 

And that, my friends, is the story of the white bowl. 

If you have a favorite bowl, only used for certain things, go ahead and tell me about it in the comments.

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  1. Come to think of it, I DO use a certain bowl over the others! Lol
    Never really thought your bowl!

  2. I love this! My mom has a pot that is only used for fried chicken or dumplings. I don't really have a certain bowl or pot for specific things, though I get the idea behind the thought. I love the white bowl, though! It reminds me of a set of white bowls I have from Williams Sonoma that were a wedding gift from my mom's friend. I never use them because they're so heavy, but I will never part with them, because of their excellent quality.

    1. :) Jennifer, you should definitely start using them and maybe one will become your favorite :)

  3. I have favorite bowls, spoons, spatulas that I tend to use that are old and not as pretty as the newer ones but they feel good in my hands and I just keep reaching for them.

  4. When I was growing up, the stand mixer in our kitchen had 2 stacking white bowls- a bowl just like yours and a larger one.
    I think I currently have too many bowls so I don’t have a certain one I use for certain things.
    Your story is certainly a fun one!

  5. Love you story! I have favorites in all categories of cooking and housekeeping! Sounds silly but it's true. In the kitchen a I have a certain spoon I stir with, special bakeware, and like you, a special bowl for different things. I don't spend much time in the kitchen any more, Mr D does most of our cooking, and when I see him not using the 'proper' bowl or utensil I have to bite my tongue. After all, you sure don't want to bite the hand that feeds you. :)

  6. I do use certain bowls for certain things.

  7. Hello, my friend! I absolutely love this post. ( I mixed up muffins for my kids this morning! ) Yes. I have a very favorite, special pan I was just using last night. My mother-in-law, Mum, made the best meatloaf. She had a very simple aluminum pan she used to bake it. That pan was strictly for her delicious meatloaf! When she passed away five years ago, my husband's sister asked if anyone wanted anything. I am blessed to have that meatloaf pan in my little kitchen today. Thanks for the beautiful post!


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