Friday, February 10, 2023

When Life Goes Haywire (and the budget does too)!


I've noticed something about life...just when you think you're going in one direction, the lane ends and you need to go another way. 

I've always felt like this was God's way of keeping us focused solely on Him, rather than thinking we are in control. And it works!

The past few weeks I had been feeling so content in my routines around the house. I was doing certain things on certain days and setting aside time to write and trying to move into a more intentional way of spending time and money.

I had worked on the budget and created a plan that allowed for all the necessities, some fun, some savings and even retirement. 

But now...all of that is blown out of the water. 




When life takes a turn, all the things on the To-Do list and all the things you thought were important, all of a sudden seem very small.

(In case you haven't read my life update, go back to the previous post.)

So, the past few days have been pretty busy. 

While David had been bombarded with phone calls and texts from friends and coworkers, I've been busy working on a new budget, refinancing our cars, moving money around and hopefully setting up a system that will carry us through this unemployed season. 

There's always hindsight involved too, such as "should have saved more" or "shouldn't have bought this or that!" But, all you can do is move forward and learn the lessons as you go and we will. But in the meantime, we will be as frugal as can be and marveling at all the little ways that God takes care of us, as we've already seen in just the past few days.

And because I said and have always said that I want our trials to be a testimony, I'll share a story with you about our vehicles.

A letter came in the mail this week, advertising some refinancing options at the credit union. I usually throw these away because they just seem like junk mail. But this time, I actually took time to read the letter and thought "Hmmm, I wonder if we could refinance." 

In what only took a matter of hours, we had both of our cars refinanced, payments deferred for 90 days and even got paid a "prize" for refinancing, which went straight into our checking account. That amounts to having no car payments for 3 months, while David looks for a job, and helps our budget out tremendously!

Now some may say it was just a coincidence to get that letter in the mail, but if you knew how I normally treat "junk" mail, you would know what a miracle it was that I took time to read it and then what a smooth, painless process it was to get it done. I had the sweetest lady named Kelly helping me and it couldn't have gone better or any faster. It was such a blessing.

David already has two meetings set up for next week and he's had so many people reaching out, telling him about opportunities. 

If one thing is good when life goes haywire, it's feeling the love from those who truly care. And we have.

So thank you to all who have lifted us up in prayer this week! You never know how your prayers are moving our circumstances and the ultimate outcome of this situation. Thank you!

And with that, I will say...

Until Next Time...



  1. Oh my goodness! That is shocking news, but it sounds like y’all are handling it as well as anyone could. That’s wonderful about the credit union refinancing. I am a big fan of credit unions.
    My husband quit his very stressful job about seven years ago, and it was a great decision. However, our situation was a little different than yours as we had already got our finances in a row before he quit, and he had his military retirement for us to live on and medical benefits with it.
    But getting out of that stressful job meant so much to him
    Praying for what’s right for your family ❤️

    1. Thank you Rhonda! I appreciate the prayers and the encouragement.

  2. imagesisee.blogspot.comFebruary 10, 2023 at 8:27 AM

    Thanks for sharing that info. Yay for the refinance that have eased your angst a little. What an encouragement. I don't believe in coincidences, or accidents. Everything is ordained by God and even the "tough" times (whatever they may be for each person/family) are intended to grow us and help us depend on the Lord more. He has every minute of our lives written in His book, it's just up to us to learn to be patient and wait for His plan to come to fruition~~while, of course, putting one foot in front of the other to live this life He's given us.

  3. A Blessing indeed! You are an inspiration, my friend. Hugs and prayers. Have a restful weekend.

    1. Thank you Billie Jo :) I appreciate your prayers.

  4. A blessing indeed. God certainly takes care of us.

  5. What an amazing testimony to God's provision!


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