Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A Book Review - Where Are Your Shoes Mr. Brown?


I recently got this book to review and it's been one of my favorites, so far! Here's my Goodreads review for those who are interested. As always, thank you to Hachette Book Group for providing this book. 


This book was given to me for review and I'm so glad I chose to read it! It is based off the author's adorable son, whom he calls Mr. Brown, and his real-life struggle to keep track of his shoes. As the farmer (dad) gets ready to do some work on the farm, his son can't find his shoes. But instead of getting upset and insisting the boy find his shoes, the dad decides to help Mr. Brown look for the shoes, as they go about their chores. He makes a fun adventure out of finding the shoes and even the siblings get in on the hunt. In the end, the boy has so much fun spending time with his dad and the dad handled the situation in a loving manner. 

My granddaughters loved this story and I think it's a good choice for parents too.


I could certainly relate to this story, as I have 3 granddaughters who very often tell me they can't find their stuff. 

What I really liked about this book was the way the dad handled it. So often, we get impatient with kids and find ourselves expecting them to be little grown ups. When in reality, they are still growing and learning and deserve our patience. I mean, after all, how many times do we lay something down, only to wonder where we put it?

If you're looking for a cute kid's book, I highly recommend this one!

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  1. This sounds like a fun book. Love the illustrations on the cover.

    1. I really enjoyed it and yes, the illustrations are amazing!


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