Friday, March 31, 2023

Mini Golf and a Hometown Tour


Well...yesterday was Millie and PawPaw Day with our girls

and we took them to play mini-golf.

As you can see,

one was really into it,

one was bored,

and one was her usually goofy self.


Can you picture the scene?

18 holes with these characters?

Several meltdowns,

one whack on the head,

and lots of questions

of when they could go inside to play 

the games.

These are the days memories are made of!

(City Council Chambers where David served for over 15 years)

Before golf, we took them to lunch

in David's hometown of Vidor,

where he grew up and where we lived

until 2017.

We took them to lunch at a place that has been in business since David was

in high school. 

They serve amazing food and everyone writes their names on the walls.

We let the girls all write their names too, which

they loved doing.

(Girls pointing to David's name)

Next we took them to City Hall

to show them where their daddy's star will be

(on the Walk of Fame)

in May.

While there, they also got to see where

PawPaw's name was on the wall

and where he once sat while

serving as a councilman.

We took them to see the church where 
David has been a member since he was their

It's also where we got married and 
David, Ted and I were baptized.
(Collin was baptized at a different church)

Emmy was very interested in knowing that her
great, great, great uncle preached there
many years ago.
She's always interested in knowing about relatives
and the history of how they fit into her life.

After a full day of touring,
golfing and eating way too many
good things,
we took them home with all their
little treasures they won at the
mini golf place.

It was a fun day.

Tune in tomorrow for a job update
and weekend plans.

Until Next Time...


  1. Heritage means a lot...glad you are sharing it with your little ones!

  2. Sounds like a mostly fun day. :)
    I enjoy a game of mini golf.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. I haven't played mini golf in ages.


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