Friday, March 10, 2023

Runaway Cows, Millie Day and Some Outside Projects


I've been a little short on photos this week, so this morning I stepped out on the back porch to take a picture of the lake, turned my head and saw this...real life. 

I mean, the lake is real life too, but so is renovation when you buy a fixer upper. 

Last weekend we borrowed this trailer from a friend so we could empty that ugly building right beside it and tear it down. 

This has been such a hideous eyesore since we moved here, nearly three years ago, but we were renting and it wasn't ours to get rid of. But now it's about to be history!

David will continue working on that today, while I clean and cook, run to the bank and attempt to do some other projects that have been on the list this week.

Yesterday was Millie Day, so we had the 3 girls all day.

Millie Day is always filled with food, crafts, dance parties, outside play and snacks. It's been extra exciting since David's been home. Yesterday he started a fire in the firepit, which thrilled Ella and Addie. Emmy stayed inside with me and she read her latest book to me. We both agreed that we don't like smelling like smoke. 

Later that day, while we were taking a little break from playing outside (did I mention it was 81 degrees?), I looked out the kitchen window and saw 4 cows on the street outside our front gate! That's not something you see everyday, so I yelled for everyone to come see! We quickly got shoes on and headed outside, but the cows were already heading into the woods and we never saw them again. 

We know of a man who has cattle on the next street over, so David called the police to report the missing cows. By the time the police and animal control got there (which only took 5 minutes), the cows had disappeared deep into the woods.  Later we put the girls in the car and took a drive to see if we could spot the cows on some nearby roads, but they were nowhere to be seen. Oh well! It was exciting for a bit 😀

I'm glad the cows moved on, though I would have loved if the girls could have seen them up close. But it reminded me of a time, many years ago, when some horses got loose from a nearby farm and David was helping round them up and ended up with some broken fingers. We definitely don't need any broken bones right now! David has a job interview today, so he needs to be in good shape 😀

Well, I'm off to start the day of cleaning the house and enjoying a productive weekend, I hope. Although, when there are outside projects going on, I feel like cleaning is kind of useless, but it's nice while it lasts. 

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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  1. Hello! I would be inside with you, my friend. I like a fire a few times a summer, especially if there are smores involved! But the smell bothers me too. I hope you have a cozy weekend. It is very snowy here!

  2. The cows made me laugh because we get that all the time. We live next to a farm and the cows often get out. We have them wandering out back and one even came up to the basement glass door and looked inside. Eventually the wander back home. Sometimes we herd them back home. Cows are very curious and my experience has been they are gentle too.

  3. As much as i like to watch a fire I can't handle the smell of the smoke any more.
    The cows reminded me of the day I was coming home and a horse was running down the road right in front of me. All alone, out for a stroll and he was running on the correct side of the road.

  4. I was coming back from my sister's house when I spotted a black calf on the side of the road, licking the house on the hill's trash stopped the car, (country road), got out and chased it back to its momma on the other side of the road...they're always getting out!


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