Monday, March 20, 2023

Weekend Recap - Backroads, Babysitting and Some Visitors

Happy Monday, friends!
It's a cold Monday here in Texas!
36 degrees to be exact...brrr!!

David and I had a great weekend. 

Moving backwards from yesterday,
we went to church early,
then took a drive to one of our favorite
restaurants about an hour north,
where we had some down home cooking,
of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans.
I mean, it doesn't get more homey than that!

I had to snap this picture as we took
a back road home.
David and I have always loved traveling down the backroads,
but that's a entire set of posts we could go down,
but don't have the time right now. 

Once we got back, we basically had coffee,
watched a series on tv and had a very restful day.

Saturday we had the privilege of keeping this little guy.

His mommy and daddy were going to a wedding,

so we got to play with Asa for a few hours.

What a joy!

He is a few days shy of 10 months old

and is so curious about everything.

And everything goes in the mouth right now,

because he has 10 teeth!


Here are mommy and daddy, 

once known as

Collin and Morgan 😀

(a baby changes everything!)

They are the cutest couple

and so much fun to be around

with their personalities.

The rest of the weekend was spent admiring these

visitors we have had for a few days.

They came last year too and we never tire

of watching them.

They have camped out on the shore just by the boat

for a few days.

I'm sure they will set off on their next adventure soon,

but for now, we are enjoying them.

Today I am spending the day

taking care of household things,

such as food inventory, meal planning,

grocery list, laundry, and 

hopefully cheering David on as

he begins demo work on the old shed.

We're making progress around here,

which feels great!

Well I'm off to start the day 😀

Until Next Time...



  1. Hello! Happy spring! Your Sunday sounds perfect. And your Saturday even better! What a precious little one! And I noticed the toys he has around him look like the same ones I have saved from when my children were little. I love them because they are free from all the bells and whistles. No batteries needed! It is very hard to find anything now that doesn't blink and make noise! I prefer the "vintage" things from when mine were babies. I hope you have a productive, cozy day. : )

  2. How cool to have the geese visit with you for a while!!!
    36 sounds warm next to our 18 this morning. :)
    Always nice to travel those back roads and nice living on one too. :)

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

  4. Good morning, my friend! I am behind in blog reading, and I just sat and caught up on yours from the past few posts you've made. I'll comment on those others later, but what a lovely weekend you had. I'm so glad to read that you and your hubby are doing well, despite the circumstances of him losing his job. I'm also excited to hear that your spark for writing is coming alive are so gifted at this talent, so I know you'll honor the Lord with whatever it is you eventually write. Your Collin, Morgan, and Asa are adorable and little Asa is growing like a weed! I love seeing his parents sweet that you can babysit for them while they enjoy a night out. I know you're proud of your family! Your blog is such a breath of fresh air...and I'll return later to comment more on the other posts. Have a wonderful day, Debbie!

  5. Aww! Little Asa is adorable! So are Mommy and Daddy...
    Glad it was a sweet weekend!

  6. Demo work on an old shed is to happen here soon as well. Love the smiles in the photo and down home cookin' sounds like a winner! Cheers, Ivy.

  7. Cute little's always a bundle of joy.


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