Wednesday, March 15, 2023

What's On The Table and Other Catching Up Things


What's on the table this week? Well it's a cake platter of store-bought cinnamon rolls that I bought when David and I took a trip to Sam's this week (which can be dangerous). 

I was doing really well with sticking to the list, until we got to the bread/tortilla/baked goods section. 

I spotted them, David wanted them and somehow they ended up on our table for the week. But you know what? I'm not a fan. They don't have that great of a flavor, so I've only eaten one. The kids loved them, so they will get eaten, but from now on, I'll just make them instead of buying them. 

Speaking of kids...last night we had our weekly family dinner and it was wild 😀 Two teething baby boys and two girls with allergies from all the pollen. Two sets of parents who aren't getting much sleep these days. One 7 year old who sleeps great and never gets sick, but wants to spend quality time, no matter how much chaos is going on. Two grandparents who collapsed on the couch when they all left. 

I fixed 3 pans of chicken enchiladas, homemade Spanish rice and some really spicy Mexican cheese dip I picked up at Sam's. We had plenty left over so everyone got to take some food home with them when they left. I love it when I can send my kids home with stuff. 


David finished off a huge project we've been dreading the entire time we've lived here, which was cleaning out the old storage shed, organizing his workshop and moving his mother's stuff in storage over to our building until we can get another one. Lots of work! But it's finally done and now all that's left is to demo the shed and buy the new one. 

The bathroom project has been put on hold while the weather outside is so nice and will resume once the shed is torn down. But that's ok, because I am so thrilled that it's been cool and perfect weather for David to be doing all of this. I think we have one more week of cooler weather and then we will be back to hot and humid. That's when it's great to have indoor projects!


David had a great interview last week and yet this week has been quiet. This is week 5 and up until this point, his phone has been very busy with people contacting him. He has yet to apply to one job on his own. All of the interviews and inquiries he's had, have been people wanting him to apply and send in his resume, once they found out he was unemployed. 

In the meantime, we are praying for clarity as each opportunity arises and asking God to eliminate anything that we need to avoid (and he has!). 

Over the years God has protected us from so many jobs that have come across our path and then turned out to be lots of trouble later. We've been able to look back and thank him for protection. That's what we are praying for this time, as well. 


The budget is going surprisingly well! Having your income cut in half is certainly a challenge, but not impossible.

I've only ordered two books in 5 weeks! That's a record! And they have totaled less than $20. We've eaten out about once a week, but very frugally, so no guilt there. 

The bills have been paid since the beginning of March (for the entire month), we still have money in our wallets, the bank, and another check coming in soon, so we are doing well. 


I have been trying to go with the flow these days and just work on purging, cleaning and organizing something each day.  It's taken me this long to acclimate to the "new normal" of having David at home during the day, which means all of my routines have had to adjust and merge with his. I have walked around lost on many days; not knowing what to work on next. That sounds ridiculous, but I'm just being honest. 

In seeking what God would want me to learn during this time, I've come to the conclusion that he's stretching me and teaching me to seek him for the daily agenda and let go of what I deemed as important for each day. Some days that has looked like work and some days it's looked like rest. 

I have surrendered my schedule, my agenda, my need for structure and routine - all to God for these days, because I don't want to miss what he wants to show me during this time. 

In the meantime...little by little, I'm starting to feel the itch to get back to writing, which is so exciting. It's my passion. It's what lights that spark in me and I've missed it for the past few years. 

I'm slowly working on things, careful to not toss myself into chaos or a self-induced stress mindset, which I can so easily do. 

I'm following the direction the Lord is leading and as always, I believe all of this cleaning, organizing, purging, etc. he has me doing, will serve me well in my writing, in the future. 

Well, that's all the catching up for today. I have some errands to run and then some downtime this afternoon, which I'm really looking forward to.

I hope your day is full of all the good things today holds!

Until Next Time...



  1. That's so disappointing when you buy a sweet treat and they turn out to not be as good as they looked.
    That sounds like some dinner night with all the teething, allergies and tiredness. Glad you were able to spend the time together though.

  2. Hello, my friend. I am glad you are finding a rhythm in this chapter of your lives. It seems you are so open to God and His plan, and that can only prove to be good! Enjoy your cozy time!

  3. Oh I love cinnamon rolls.
    I haven't bought a book in a very long time. I get all mine from the library! I'd be lost with out the library! :)
    Hope David soon finds the perfect job.

  4. Linda @ imagesisee.blogspot.comMarch 15, 2023 at 9:48 PM

    It sounds like you're being blessed in all that you're doing. It's such an encouragement to see how God cares for His people .


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