Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A Growing Trend. How Do You Feel?


For the past few months I've noticed a theme going on in the public realm of social media and it's one that I'm applauding from the sideline. Apparently people are starting to disappear from their blogs, channels, and social media in general, to go back to living a more private life. This is nothing new for me. I've deactivated my Facebook more times than I can count. 

But I'm seeing a trend now, among people I've followed for years, on Youtube and Instagram, that they too are feeling a need to pull back and make their lives a bit more private. Some are disappearing completely and others are pulling back the reins slowly, but either way, the goal being to quit sharing so much with complete strangers. And I get it. Sometimes I feel the same way (on a much smaller scale, of course). 

As I've read books and watched "Goodbye" videos from these people, it's left me asking the question of "why do we feel the need to connect with so many people that we don't know?"

Do you ever question that, as a blogger or a person on social media?

What is your motive? Your ambition? Your goal? 

I started blogging in 2008 as a way to connect with other homeschooling moms who were at home during the day. It was a great outlet and an important way of enriching our lives, as we did the hard task of educating our kids, while also being mom, wife, etc. We needed all the support we could get!

But then social media entered our world and blogging decreased and the world turned to faster, less complicated platforms to connect with others. And so the decline of blogging began and we all lived for the 2 sentences we could write multiple times a day and move on. 

Our attention spans decreased, our desire to be seen increased, and over time, social media became the humongous elephant in everyone's room. 

But now it seems that people, who once enjoyed being known, are realizing how much of their lives they've given up, just to make some money or connect with other people.  Has it been worth it? I'm sure that's one of the questions they've had to ask themselves over time.

You've heard that history repeats itself, and I think we've seen that over the past few years with the resurfacing of homesteading, growing backyard gardens, stocking pantries, living on less and new "trends" that are actually old standards. 

So I wonder if the new trend of social media life will be going in that direction as well. I wonder if we will start to see a lightbulb go off in younger people as they realize that being "famous" isn't all it's cracked up to be. 

As families disintegrate, privacy gets breached, and their lives are open fodder for criticism, will they begin to see the beauty of being "normal?" Of having a regular life of home and family, with no outside affirmation to cling to? 

I, for one, hope so.

As I watched a young mom say goodbye to her online platform this week, I felt sad for her because she started her channel as a way to make money and motivate other moms to enjoy being homemakers. But over the years, people began to demand things from her that she wasn't willing to give. Her privacy was breached and the public arena actually became a trap for her and her family. She felt an urgency to film constantly and I even noticed as a viewer, that her kid's smiles became less and less. I could sense a sadness or a weariness whenever I would see her kids on the videos and it was worrisome. She was being bullied on Youtube and had to move to a private platform to continue making videos for her "fans." But this week she shut it all down and announced that she was tired of sharing her life and I actually felt relieved for her. 

It occurred to me that our society's hunger for entertainment is the culprit. 

We want to be constantly entertained by others.

We are consumers and we continue to want more and more input and it's costing other's their lives and robbing us of living our own.  

I know I've written about this topic several times and will probably continue to wrestle with this issue. It's the old challenge of being part of society, verses doing your own thing. Sometimes it's hard to choose. 

What about you?

Have you noticed anyone disappearing from their platform lately? How did it make you feel?

I would love to know your opinion, as always. 

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  1. I recently came back to blogging and I love it.

    For me though, my life doesn't revolve around social media and other noise. There are zero apps on my phone by choice. My mobile phone is reserved for my inner circle of friends, only, via text/calls (I also have no Internet on my phone - I have what I call, a Quiet Phone free of digital clutter). I also use email with the rest of the inner circle that live to far away to text (phone charges).

    For me, I've always been and always will be for living life in the now vs the online world.

    It's delightful.

    1. Ivy, I admire this so much! I think it's great to have a quiet phone! Good for you!!

  2. I don't do FB or any other social media except for blogging and I really enjoy it.
    I started it just as a journal to share with family and friends.
    Never dreaming how many friends I would meet through blogging.
    Funny thing though only a couple of people from my family read my blog once in a while and it is the same with friends.
    I've seen many bloggers come and go and always feel sad when they leave.
    I've noticed though that some of them come back eventually. :)

    1. Blogging friends can become long lasting ones :) That's definitely a perk :)

  3. This is excellent. I appreciate this very much. It is very sad. It seems there is not much teaching out there in books and such about how to manage this type of work without causing one harm in their own life.

    1. Thank you Mrs. White. I agree. I think money is the drive behind much of the burnout.

  4. This is so interesting. I haven't noticed anyone I follow doing this, but I think that the younger generation will eventually tire of online life and pull back on the technology.

  5. I didn't realize people were doing this, but I can't say that I'm surprised. I don't know how anyone lives a life like that, especially with little kids at home. I was barely keeping my head above water when mine were little, and that's actually why I started writing here. I used it solely as an online journal of sorts for family members we never got to see in person. Some of them are still around today reading my blog, though it's vastly different than what it was then. I have pulled way back since I started working again, and I have to say that I miss being here. I just can't do it all, with full time work, so I have had to let go of a few things. The blog was the most obvious choice, but it's the one thing I miss the most. I'm rarely even on social media these days, much less posting regularly, and I don't miss that. I think blogging is so much deeper than social media, at least it is for me. I feel more connected here with people who read than I do with some of the people in my life. Maybe that's on me, though, for not sharing everything in person like I do when I write. Anyway, this was interesting to read. Thank you for sharing! I always love reading your thoughts.

    1. Jennifer, I love blogging best too. I came back to blogging to have deeper conversations. The social media world is all about "likes" and it's become almost an obsession to post and then see how many hits you can get.


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