Saturday, April 15, 2023

A Long Awaited Improvement and I Finally Started a Project


This week we finally got our new storage building delivered and it's been the improvement
we've needed and have been waiting on for a long time.
Isn't it cute?
As you can see, the greenhouse next to it still has to come down,
but one thing at a time.
Every little bit is progress!

Here's the frame as David was tearing it down. 
The greenhouse is made of old windows and tin,
so we will need a place to dispose of all the glass.

Have you noticed how one project sometimes (actually
most of the time) hinges on getting something else
done beforehand?
Does anyone else find this so frustrating?

Anyway, once the greenhouse is removed,
David will use new tin to build a roof
connecting the workshop on the end to the new building
and it will serve as a covered area where we will park
bikes, the girl's jeep, swimming pool,
and other toys to keep them clean and dry.

That will free up the gazebo area,
which will eventually be moved closer to the lake shore.

See what I mean?
Everything is a process!

In other news...

I finally started on a huge project that has been calling my name...

sorting and purging photos.

Do you have this on your to-do list too?

Well, there's no better time to start

than when you've caught a bad head cold from

your kids and grandkids

and feel like doing nothing for a few days.

I still have tons of photos to sort through, 

but this is a good start and I've got days to finish.

My goal is to scan these into the computer and make digital albums

out of them.

I bought a small, flatbed scanner on Amazon,

and will do even more purging before starting that phase of 

the project.

I decided on digital albums because 

they are so much thinner and compact,

compared to traditional albums.

I never thought I would go all digital,

but now I'm actually excited about having a

stack of albums that look more like

books, than bulky photo albums.

My aunt and I were discussing the age of everyone having

their pictures on their phones and how,

when she was growing up,

most families had photo albums out in the living room

and it was a common thing for children and families

to sit and look through the albums together.

That is my goal (has been for years now),

to have the albums very accessible,

so the grandkids can enjoy looking through them

and getting to see their family and heritage.

And lastly,

my books for this week...

This one was given to me from the company

I review for and I'm really enjoying it.

I keep telling myself I need to stop accepting the review

books, so I can read my own books,

but who can refuse free books??

Well, here is what I'm reading for pleasure and not a review,
though I would gladly give Kate 5 stars all the time
because her writing just inspires me.

This book is actually an updated version of one of her older
books, so I wanted to see how she improved or changed it.

I have a thing with authors I really resonate with...
I buy all their books or at least a small collection of them.

If you ever asked me what I collect,
it would be books by my favorite authors.

So, I've added this one to my "Kate Singh" collection
and as always, it's very encouraging.

Kate is always on a mission to simplify her life,
use the internet less, cook more, and make her
small budget work miracles for her little family.
All things I can relate to!

If you like reading about how other women run their homes,
she is a great author who loves to share her experiences.


And that's what I've been up to the past few days.
I'll be here, sorting through years of pictures,
drinking hot tea to try and get over my cold,
and hopefully staying awake long enough
this evening to watch a good crime show with 
It's our thing 😀

Hope you're having a great weekend,
with no head cold in sight!

Until Next Time...


  1. I know exactly what you mean about having to do one job before another! When my mum was 90 we made her a bound and printed book of her life with photos from when she was a little girl (the earliest we could find) up to the present day. She loved it and gets it out often to show her friends. We did the same when my elder daughter became 40 and are doing the same for my younger daughter's 40th birthday. We too bought a scanner and are still in the process of adding old pictures onto the computer and eventually we will have more books printed.

    1. I love the idea of giving these books as gifts. It's going to be a long project, but my goal will be to have them made by Christmas :)

  2. You're going to like the covered parking! It's nice on red hot days or rainy ones.
    About two years ago I went through all my photos...put in bags with the names of my children and grandchildren and gave the bags to them. I have digital shots of them...I'm 71 and no longer need the hard copy of the photos.
    I have everything Anne Perry ever wrote, first editions. I love her Victorian cozy murder mysteries.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Hi Donna :) Thank you for the well wishes! I am looking forward to no longer having the printed versions of these photos. What a big task! But I'm making progress. And I've never read Anne Perry, but I love a good murder mystery!

  3. What a great idea to scan and create photo books! When the kids were little I enjoyed making photo books for the grandparents, aunts & uncles every Christmas. And I know exactly what you mean about the projects - we're in the midst of updating our yard little by little but yes - there has to be an order, which can definitely be frustrating!


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