Sunday, April 2, 2023

A Quick Job Update (and a little soapbox talk)


It's April and time for a job update!


Thank you to everyone who prayed for us! We are so very thankful.

When we went to Dallas last week, we were pretty confident that the job was a sure thing, but you just never know. However, he finally got the job offer in writing this week, so it looks like it's a done deal.

He's very excited about this company because it was started by some of the owners who started the very first hospice company that he ever worked for, over 20 years ago. He worked for them for 10 years as one of their top executives and to this date, it's been one of the best jobs he's had. 

His official starting date is May 1st, so we still have a month of him being at home, but April is shaping up to be pretty full of activities, birthdays and quick trips, so I imagine it will go by fast. 

We have had a great time being home together. I'm sure I'll write more about that when he actually goes back to working full time. We've learned a lot and had to adapt to changes that we were thrown into, but we've maintained our peace and our faith that God would lead us to where we needed to be and he has done that and so much more.

We ran into an old friend this week, who told us that he was fired for "complaints" after working for his company for 34 years! I guess "complaints" is the new code word for "we don't want to pay you anymore, so we are hiring someone a fraction of your age and knowledge, and saving the company a boat load of money." So much for loyalty! It doesn't exist these days, unfortunately.

Along with watching God work, we've also learned (and been reminded) that your loyalty is to the Lord and your family. You don't give up your common sense, your sense of morality, your time with family or anything else that's important, just for your job. Ever! They do not care what you lose; only what you give to them, to add to their bottom line. Therefore, it's YOUR job to guard that which is precious to you and never give it away, just to get a paycheck.

This is not your grandpa's world anymore! People rarely retire having honors these days. 

I say all of this, not to sound bitter, but to sound matter-of-fact.

We need to quit telling young people to go into debt for thousands and thousands of dollars, to get the job that will pay them as little as they can get away with, and then dump them years later. 

A job is just a means to pay the bills and eat. It's not the destination of your life!

God's calling is the destination, but there might be many jobs along the journey and they do not define you.

SO...onto bigger and better things (and off the soapbox) 😀

Thank you again for praying for us. It means so much.

Until Next Time...



  1. congrats David for his new job !!

  2. So glad to hear that your husband got a job! And for people he knows! Congratulations. It was nice to read your blog these past few months and see that you had faith that everything would work out, and it did! Hilogene in Az.

  3. SO happy for you all!! I knew God would lead you where you need to be...
    Big Hug

  4. Very happy news!
    You are very right that we are in a very different world. I don’t think it’s getting better, but it is what it is.

  5. Congratulations to David. That's great news.

  6. Congratulations!!!! A new adventure begins!

  7. Congratulations on the new job - I am so pleased he has found a good company to work for it makes all the difference.

  8. I am so glad to hear David got a job! I agree with what you have said and have seen the same thing happen. This is one reason why my husband never wanted to work anywhere else than the family owned business they started. He enjoys being his own boss and running the company now, and he loves seeing two of our sons now enjoying the same benefits. I know you're relieved about his new job, though, and I love that he's excited about working for those same people again. That is a kindness from the Lord!

  9. Congratulations....on the new job and the wisdom that God has shown through this whole season of waiting. Thanks for sharing. This is definitely not your grandpa's world. For sure. Will be praying that you guys not only enjoy the last few weeks before the job start...but that this new opportunity will be filled with God's goodness right from the beginning. Happy Tuesday to you!!


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