Thursday, April 6, 2023

Indoor and Outdoor Projects - A Walk Through the Week

Hello friends! It's already Thursday and I've only popped in once this week (or have I?). 

Nothing special going on, except we've been keeping busy doing household things and working outside, trying to pretty things up after the winter months.  Today I thought I'd take you along through some pictures on my phone, in no particular order. 😀📸


A few years ago I noticed my neighbor had the most beautiful ferns hanging on her back porch, so this week she called and said that they were on sale at the grocery store. I made a special trip into town and bought two of them to hang by the lake. When the lights are on in the evening, it makes a very pretty addition to the view. 

I've been watching some pantry-type videos this week and learning how to better store food for longer shelf life. So I took some bigger jars off the very top shelf in the kitchen and washed and dried them in preparation for some pantry organizing. These will look so much better in the glass pantry, than bags and boxes. 

Here's my recent obsession as far as breakfast goes...yogurt, fruit, granola and chocolate chips. This has also been known as a snack after dinner, if I didn't have it for breakfast that day. 

I recently bought these silicone cupcake holders and as I was washing them in hot, soapy water, I thought they looked so cute and colorful amongst the bubbles. 

This is another thing I did this week...brought out the trusty sewing machine, which hasn't been used in a very, very long time. 

Anytime I use the machine, I have to give myself a refresher course on how to thread it again. I made the mistake of grabbing a spool of thread that was too thick and jammed the machine twice before realizing what the problem was. 

I finally changed the thread and was ready to start sewing. 

Here's the pillow I wanted to cover. It was one that came with the chair we bought recently and it just wasn't my style, as far as the fabric and design. 

Here it is now, much prettier and much more my style!

While I've been busy with indoor activities, David has been working in this area, cleaning out storage sheds, getting ready to demo this one. He actually pulled it down, just after this picture was taken. The ugly structure just behind, to the right, is a makeshift green house that someone built using old widows. That will be coming down too. David's workshop is to the right, beyond the greenhouse and it will remain, but with a paint job in the future. 

We have a new building coming this Friday (tomorrow), to replace the old shed. What a change of scenery that will bring to the property!

And last, but not least, here's Banjo standing guard, looking for birds and squirrels that might dare get too close to the porch. He can't hear us calling him anymore, but somehow always knows when a bird or squirrel is outside. 

Today (Thursday) is Millie Day, so we will be playing all day with the girls. With rain on the way, I see a day of coloring, crafting, games and maybe a movie in our plans. It will be a busy one!

I hope your week has been a good one, so far!

Until Next Time...


  1. Love the posts sharing your days. The pillow cover is lovely! Have a wonderful, cozy day with those littles!

  2. Good work, Banjo! Saving the world, one squirrel at a's important business!! Love a glimpse into your week/world. Such nice photos. I really need to work on taking "every day" photos. And I need more bowls of yogurt with granola in my mornings. Yum...two of my favorite things!! Have a wonderful Thursday!!

  3. Hello 👋🏻 I have some of those silicone cups and use them often.
    Your fabric choices are very fresh and nice
    I’ve been cleaning out our storm shelter and hubby’s shop. Where does all that junk come from?

  4. I like those silicone muffin cups. I've never used them before. Will have to get some. They are so nice and colorful and look so pretty with the soap suds.
    I've just started using mason jars for storage in my pantry and love them.

  5. I love the ferns, the mason jars and the retro pillow cover. I wish I could get so motivated. Hooray for the new job!!!

    1. ooops. didn't realize I would be anonymous. Linda

  6. You've been busy. Those ferns are gorgeous.
    I love the pillow with that beautiful Pioneer Woman fabric.

  7. Love the fern and pillow cover!! Very pretty...
    Happy Easter!


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