Sunday, April 30, 2023

What is Worship?

Has anyone ever tried to teach you "how to worship?"

The first time I heard this in church, I will admit,

I was kind of annoyed.

You see, I think worship comes natural to those

who have a genuine relationship with Jesus.

How could you not worship your savior?

The scriptures say...

"As you serve him, be glad and worship him.

Sing your way into his presence with joy!

And realize what this really means -

we have the privilege of worshiping the Lord our God.

For he is our creator and we belong to him.

We are the people of his pleasure."

Ps. 100:2-3 (TPT)

Everything we do that brings honor to God, 
is worship.

When you read his word and follow his way,
you worship him.

When you serve others,
you worship him.

When you sing praises to him,
you worship him.

When you marvel at his creation,
you worship him.

When you are a good steward of his gifts,
you worship him.

When you grow, as he teaches you,
you worship him.

When you do the daily work he has placed
before you,
you worship him.

Worship isn't how you do something.

It's not determined by whether or not your hands are raised,

or your voice is pitch perfect.

It's not what church you attend or how many times a month you go.

Worship can look like tears running down your face

as you're driving and praying.

Worship can look like you're on your knees in the garden,

with dirt under your nails, praising God for his abundance.

Worship can happen as you look at your babies and see

a reflection of love looking back at you.

There is no greater joy.

Worship is giving what you don't really have to give,

but you do it out of love.

Worship is having a hot meal on the stove for the one

who comes in tired from the day.

Worship is helping someone else,

when your own jobs feel endless.

Worship can be as simple as going to bed

at the end of a long day

and praising him for all you had that day.

Giving thanks to the one who fed you,

clothed you, provided for you,

and gave you breath.

That's how you worship.

And it is enough.

Happy Sunday, friends.


Until Next Time...



  1. Gosh I really needed to hear this! Thanks for the good words. Nita

    1. Nita, I'm glad you came by the blog today :)

  2. Well said.
    Worship isn't just something we do Sunday morning at church but they way we live our lives every day, putting Jesus first!

  3. Debbie, this was beautiful! I love every word that you wrote. You're so right!


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