Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Working Outside and a Milestone Birthday


Well, I'm back from my little blogging break, which I never announced or intended, but apparently needed. 

David and I have been working outside this week, making plans for a new garden area in the front yard, where we want swings, a new windmill, a bird bath and lots of plants. The vision is coming together. Now we just need good weather, money and energy 😀 This may take awhile!

I baked some Peanut Butter cookies this week and have thoroughly enjoyed way too many! 

I also bought a new candle, which I like to burn at night while we are watching tv. It just looks so cozy in the evening. It smells amazing! You can find this at Walmart, where all fine candles are sold 😉

One of the things we finally did this week was move this little bridge from the front yard to the back yard. We originally bought it for the girls to play on in the front yard, but the thrill wore off rather quickly and it was just taking up space. This piece of land that juts out is where the turtles sun themselves in the afternoon, so I was hoping they might appreciate it and maybe even climb on it.  Even if they don't, it adds a little bit of color to the lakeside.

The lake has actually seen a lot of action over the past week, as our neighbor, whom we share the lake with, has had a friend fishing here. It's been nice to see someone getting enjoyment out of the lake, which is usually very still. I had to snap this picture of David's boat in the water. There is no end to the amazing photos you can get on this lake. The pictures of the boat are some of my favorites. 

Today marks a special day, as our first baby turns 30! Thirty years ago today, God showed me the true meaning of the miracle of life, as Ted was born. He has made us proud every day since then. We are so thankful for him. 

On birthdays I always dig through old photos, so here are a few of us as new parents. It seems like a lifetime ago. 

Today Ted is blessed with his beautiful wife, Alex, and his 4 precious kids and God is richly blessing his life, for which we are so thankful. 

We are looking forward to celebrating with him this week at lunch today and dinner on Friday. 


What about you? Any fun projects going on? Has your "baby" turned 30 yet? I feel like that's a big milestone. Whatever you're up to this week, I hope it's bringing you joy. 

Until Next Time...



  1. Happy Birthday to you son.
    I had to laugh at needing good weather, money and energy because the chance of me having all three of those things at the same time are pretty much impossible.

  2. Love the bridge, we've made a few bridges around our property. :)
    My project of making fences out of the fallen limbs is never ending!! I do enjoy it though.
    My baby turned 49 just a few days ago. Son David will be 51 in July!!! Our grandson turned 30 last year!!

    1. Karen, I keep thinking about your stick fence and feel like I want to attempt this one day :)

  3. I can't think of anything more special than having your own lake - it is beautiful. Our children are so special and it is lovely to look back on their life's journey as they grow older and also to watch their own children grow and develop.

    1. Having a lake is a blessing. It's beautiful and peaceful to look at first thing in the morning and as the sun is going down.

  4. Happy Birthday to your son!
    What a wonderful place to live!

  5. Your cookies and flowers looks so good! I enjoy seeing pictures of your home and property. I hope your son had a wonderful birthday!

    1. Thank you Mrs. White! He had a wonderful birthday :)

  6. Beautiful lake! Happy Birthday to your baby! I love the photo of you! So nice to see you. My baby is 13 already! My oldest is 26! Seems like yesterday we were young parents, doesn't it? Have a cozy evening, my friend.


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