Monday, May 22, 2023

A Fresh Start - It's There for the Taking!


It's my favorite day of the week, believe it or not! I love Mondays! I love a fresh start, even if everything's the same, but simply the start of another week. 

That makes me think of how many "fresh starts" we are given the chance to take in our lifetime.

With jobs, relationships, friendships, opportunities, diets, choices, and most importantly, our walk with the Lord. With him, every day is a new beginning (his mercies are new, each and every morning!). How gracious is life, that we get new opportunities every time we open our eyes on a new day? We can change our life, just by changing our attitude about the new day!

But enough about that!

 I really just came on to say that we did a little refresh in the back yard yesterday. See, not only do I like to rearrange the inside of my home, but the outside as well. 

Things were looking a little worn and scattered, so we took everything down and put it back in new places; making it all look fresh and new.

For some reason, I don't like to work in the yard without David. I wish I were the outdoor type, but it's just more fun when I have him alongside, talking things through and letting him do the heavy lifting. I've always considered the outside his domain, but I do like to do the decorating 😁

After redecorating the fence, I watered all the plants and moved some of them to the side porch. Our roses keep giving us surprise blooms and I'm loving having them right by the door we use all the time. 

My kids gave me a beautiful Azalea bush for Mother's Day and I am thinking about the perfect spot to plant it. I want to be able to see it from the kitchen window.

That reminds me of a sweet gift that I gave a friend many years ago when her mother passed away. I gave her a rose bush in honor of her mom and she planted it just outside her kitchen window. Isn't that a beautiful gift that keeps on giving?

Speaking of mom recently lost her husband of 15 years, so she's been dealing with that loss. As I've watched her navigate the past few weeks, I am amazed at my mom's strength. She's always made it through life, no matter the hardships and it's one of the things I most admire about her. It's made me keenly aware of the differences between people and how they handle life's ups and downs. 

I want to be one of those that can grieve and yet, still live. Those are the women I truly admire and hope to imitate. 

Well, today's post has been all over the place, hasn't it?

I guess I just have a lot going on in my mind this morning.

Now I'm off to do Monday things, such as laundry, bills, making calls that need to be made and hopefully catching up on the stack of review books I still need to read! I'm a little behind 😅

I hope you have a fresh start this morning! It's there for the taking! Happy Monday!

Until Next Time...



  1. I too like to leave the outdoor stuff for the husband. Your garden is looking lovely. Sorry for your mother's loss.

    1. Thank you :) Thanks for stopping by the blog today :)

  2. Your fence looks lovely. Must be nice being right on the lake.
    What a lovely gift the rose bush is!! I'll have to remember that!!


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