Friday, May 26, 2023

Am I Organized or Messy and A Daily Routine


On Wednesday, my friend Jennifer asked the question if we were messy or organized, and I thought it would be fun to write about that here too. 

I snapped a few photos of my office this morning to demonstrate that I am a very organized, yet can be messy person 😀

As you can see in the above picture, I like labels and boxes and everything to have a place. However, there are days when I let things pile up and I just keep shuffling them here to there, before putting them in their place. I don't know why. 

Here are my craft carts, which are very compartmentalized. 

Yet, here are some baskets I took out while cleaning the closet 

and just started stacking them here and that's where they've been 

for weeks!

Here's a peek at my Bible Study table, where I stacked a bunch of books

yesterday after Millie Day. These will be cleaned up today, for sure.

But when it comes to files and business...I'm usually pretty put together.

Again with craft supplies. Everything has its place. That way I can create and not have to dig
through supplies every time. 

This is the shelf where I keep the girl's crafty things,
puzzles, coloring supplies and fun projects I buy for them. 

And here's part of my book shelf, where I keep my books

sorted by genre, for the most part,

with the exception of the shelf of unread books,

which are just stacked neatly, waiting on me to read faster. 😅

The main areas of the house - living room, dining room,

bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen (mostly),

stay picked up and neat every day.

I will sometimes let the dishes stack up during the day,

and I will take care of them when I get back to the kitchen

to prepare dinner. This works well to keep

me focused on multiple areas during the day,

so I'm not constantly doing chores. 

My daily routine includes doing about a 30 minute straightening

session every morning after David leaves for work.

He usually makes the bed, (we are a MUST MAKE BED every single

day kind of couple),

so when he leaves, I wipe down the bathrooms,

throw a load of laundry in the washer,

make sure the pillows on the couches are all in place,

and either empty the dishwasher or wash what's in the sink.

I will run a quick vacuum over the main floors and

throw blankets that need to be washed in the basket

for washing. 

After the morning chores are done,

I will either head to my office for some bill paying

or writing,

or this is usually when I run errands, if there are any.

I like to do all running to town in the mornings,

because then I can check it off the list.

Afternoons have always been for slowing down, 

so I like to get all busy work out of the way

before lunch.

After lunch I will take time to read,

work on projects,

maybe catch up on a show,

or whatever else needs to be done.

About 4:00 or so, 

I start thinking about meal prep and

what all needs to be done for dinner.

This is when I will make sure the dishes are all washed 

and put away and start preparing dinner.

I always have a podcast going or a Youtube channel on

to keep me company while in the kitchen.

I also have a little tip about the kitchen and meal time...

I have certain books that I keep in the kitchen area,

which are great for picking up while waiting on

water to boil or something cooking in the oven or 

on the stove.

These are books about homemaking or

old-fashioned cooking, nutrition or even

Hints from Heloise books from long ago.

It's a great way to get some extra reading time in,

while you're standing around waiting on things to cook.

This is also great for making sure you don't

accidentally walk off and then forget 

something is on the stove.

Instead of trying to multitask and risk

a boil over or burning the house down,

just pick up a book instead and get some

reading done while waiting.

After dinner, we clean up and then it's TV time.

This is usually when I fold the laundry,

because it helps me stay awake

while watching tv.

We will take breaks during our TV time

and I will put away the clothes,

while David loads the dishwasher.

It's not a bad system! answer the question 

"Are you messy or organized?"

The answer is...

YES! 😅

A little of both, I would say.

What about YOU?


  1. Hi Debbie ~~ Yes, and Yes, you are "beautifully" organized. Loved looking over your shoulder and seeing how you organize each room. Before my dearest retired, we had lived in a parsonage next to the church for 27 years, and I had a big old country house. After the nest was empty I had lots of rooms to be organized. My Art Studio, guest room, a "Vineyard corner" for Bible Study and meditation and a dinning room with a big oval table to seat 10. Fast forward ~ the Villa, Senior complex, very small 2 bedroom unit. Had to downsize a lot, but I am organized with my small place, and loving it.
    You blog is such a joy and you share so delightfully.
    Have a great day.

    1. Hi Wanda! Thank you so much :) I'm so glad you are here! We have downsized a lot too. We live in a very small cottage, which makes it so much easier to keep things tidy.

  2. You are very organized. I THOUGHT I was organized but after seeing how organized you are I am NOT!! :)

    1. Karen, I bet you are very organized! You have a wonderful order to your days, which I always enjoy reading about.

  3. I loved reading this! You and I are so much alike. When I'm at home, I have my day broken up into segments, and I always get the most done in the morning time. Afternoons have always been my slowing down time as well, because honestly, I get tired after I eat if I'm at home. If I'm out, I don't get as sleepy- I'll use that time to sit and read and I may doze off for ten minutes. I always read in the kitchen too! I just stand or sit when I have to be close to the stove so that things don't spill over or burn. I also have music going in our home constantly. I use our smart devices with different Spotify playlists for different times of day- right now, for instance, I'm listening to a Memorial Day weekend playlist with older songs by artists like George Strait and Travis Tritt. I like things peaceful in the mornings, and I'll often switch to some cozy jazz, but I like it more fun and lively in the afternoons, so I'll play Ben Rector radio or 80's music. I have very eclectic taste in music!

    1. Jennifer, I always have music going too :) Sometimes I'll play a cozy instrumental channel or I have even found a vintage channel that's upbeat. Sometimes I get in the mood for classic country and all the old songs I grew up listening to. We are a lot alike! I love to find kindred friends!


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