Tuesday, May 9, 2023

An Exciting Afternoon

Good morning my friends 😀

How was your Monday? Mine was busy, but in a good way. It felt good to be up and working, instead of feeling sick, so I didn't mind the usual chores at all. 

First I had to make a run to town to return something at Hobby Lobby. Of course, that means I also needed to walk around the store and see what was on sale this week. It's been a bit since I've been there and they have changed the entire store around...again. 

When I left there, I needed to run a few more errands, but for some reason I just wasn't in the mood, so I came back home.

I had taken a package of tamales out of the freezer, so I had a few of those for lunch, then I got busy with laundry and mopping (my least favorite chore).  I worked on some bills, made a few calls, and then the afternoon got very interesting.

As I was sitting at the computer working, I got a tornado warning on my phone, saying to take shelter right away.  These things are very rare here, but we've had crazy weather the past few years, so you just never know.

I texted David, who can pull up the radar in about 2 seconds, and he said it looked like it was on the other side of town, heading south. 

But all of a sudden the sky was very dark and the rain was coming down so hard I could barely see the lake.  Here's a quick video I took out on the back porch. 


I never saw a tornado, but I was making a plan, just in case. 

Thankfully, it moved on, and only continued with rain the rest of the day. Whew! Of course I told David to check on one set of kids and I checked on the other. I'm always on mom duty 😂

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on a book project, making a casserole, putting together some small gifts for mother's day and waiting for David to get home from work.

The rest of the evening was spent in the normal fashion, with us watching tv and having a treat after dinner. Tonight it was an apple tart. I had two left in the freezer, so I baked them in the oven and we ate them while watching a new (old) show we discovered called William and Mary. Have you seen it? It's with the same actor who plays Doc Martin, but much more likable in this series. 

And that was our Monday. Today will be filled with cleaning, folding laundry, more writing projects and a quick run to the grocery store for family dinner night. 

Hopefully I'll get some reading time in this afternoon too. I'm not moving through my books very fast these days. 

Oh well...

Until Next Time...



  1. A tornado is excitement that we can do without!! :). Glad it didn't come your way.

  2. I'm glad everyone was okay and that you never had a tornado in your area! I do the same thing- check on our boys all the time to see where they are when bad weather is coming. Actually, my husband usually does it before I get to them, which I think is really sweet. Mom duty never ends!


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