Thursday, May 11, 2023

Asa and Millie's Rainy Day

Wednesday was another rainy day, but that was ok 

because Millie had a little visitor to keep her company. 


Asa Miller came to visit

and he and Millie had the best

few hours together.

When the puppy went outside,

Asa stood at the door 

and looked for him.

When Millie called his name,

he obliged.

After his first bottle,
Asa snuggled with Millie
so she could love on him a bit.

He decided to just rest for a bit,
since he and Millie were so comfortable.
It must have been the rain.

Somewhere in between the rain,

sleeping and snuggling,

Asa ate some snacks

and played in his highchair

while Millie had a cup of coffee.

Then it was down on the floor for some

playtime until Mommy and Daddy

came back.

What a fun, rainy day for Asa and Millie. 

Until Next Time...



  1. What a wonderful rainy day with the baby! Very precious!

  2. What a perfect way to spend a rainy day! He is absolutely precious!


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