Tuesday, May 23, 2023

I Miss The Music

Atlas Recording Co. Music Studio

A few days ago I came across an entry in my journal about music...more specifically, how I miss the music.

I think I'll weave the story into this post, among the pictures of what my boys have built and how they are living out their dream of owning their own music production company

You see...

"On a random Thursday morning I decided to dust in the living room. As I got to the 4 guitars in various corners, dusted the parts and put them back in place, I realized how much I miss the music. 


When our boys were growing up, there were very few hours of the day when I wasn't hearing music coming from their rooms. 

When friends would come over and make a comment about hearing music, I would have to stop and really listen because it had become such a regular sound in our home, that I didn't even notice it anymore. 

Fast forward to this empty nest season and though the guitars are still here (some of them), the music has moved on to a little apartment down the road and a house in the next town over. 

I miss those days of guitars and music - even the late night sessions they got in trouble for (musicians keep late hours!). 

But I'm glad they are still playing - even if I can't hear it. 

I've got the memories alive and well in my heart.  Every home needs some music."

And as I read that entry in my journal, I marveled at how far God has taken my boys.

They've built their dream and are watching it unfold daily, as the Lord increases their business.

They are working with artists of all kinds, helping them build their own dreams of making music.

They even produce a podcast, right here in the studio, called The Right Fight featuring Kenny Vaughan who owns Shields of Strength Christian Goods If you haven't heard it, you can find it on any podcast platform. You can also find Kenny's book if you prefer to read along. 

But back to the music...

Yes, I miss having music coming from all corners of the house, day and night. But to know they are still using this gift to serve, not only the Lord, but their community of musicians and artists, is a dream come true - even for me. 

Because there is no sweeter sound or blessing than knowing God is at work in your kid's lives. 

Truly, that is what a mom longs for, more than any other gift. 

So now, when I dust those guitars sitting in the corners of the room, I think about the boys that used to play and the blessings that have come from all those hours spent practicing and perfecting their craft. 

And every now and then, they come over and one of them will pick up a guitar and sit there strumming while we talk. I think it drives their wives crazy sometimes, but to me...it's music to my ears and I'm just glad to have them home again. And I'll welcome the music anytime.

To read more about their company, Atlas Recording Company, click HERE

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  1. Music is a miracle and I couldn't agree with you more about missing the music right in your own home. My daughter used to practice piano and one day she asked me if it didn't drive me crazy hearing it all the time and hearing her mistakes as she was learning. I told her "no, every minute of it was beautiful".

    1. I couldn't find a way to edit to add my name. imagesisee.blogspot.com (Linda)

    2. Linda, I couldn't agree more :)

  2. My husband plays guitar and has been in various bands through the years. There has always been music in our home, I've always had background music in the house because he plays so often. Hope your boys are very successful in their music adventures.

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you for visiting today :) I hope you're doing well and back to blogging! You have been missed.

  3. What a beautiful and heartfelt sentiment. Our oldest son always played an instrument of some sort, whether drums, guitar, or piano, and no longer does. I miss the sound of it coming from upstairs! I also love music, though, and for that reason I keep my tv turned on to our K Love app in the daytime, or I keep a playlist from Spotify going on our Google home speakers all over the house. You should try that! You could even just use Pandora, if you don't want to try Spotify. I have different playlists for different seasons and parts of the day. I like smooth and easy music in the mornings, for instance, and I love Ben Rector radio while I cook. It definitely helps fill the void that having grown up kids has left in our home. Also, our dogs love it as well and prefer noise to none.

    1. Hi Jennifer :) I do listen to music and podcasts during the day. I was specifically writing about the music my boys would make when they were home. It was my background noise back then :)

  4. Hi Debbie ~ not sure how you found my blog, but so glad you did. I wanted to come and visit your blog and so glad I did. I see we have much in common in our love for music and family and the Lord. How great that your family is so musical. There is hardly anything that can touch a soul like music. My dearest is a soft touch for music, and tears up when a song touches him. We have dear friend who passed away recently, and his wife sent us a CD of him singing "I will lift you up on eagles wings" and In the presence of Johovah. We cannot listen to them without being overwhelmed. We have music going most of the time.
    We have had an empty nest for many years, but I can still hear our son on his drums, and our grandson on his guitar.
    Thanks again for your visit, and I will put you on my favorite blog list.
    Your home looks so warm and inviting.


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